Marks & Spencer launches new simplified wine range – including 13 favourites for only £5 each

marks spencer simplified cheap wine range
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Marks & Spencer has launched a brand new simplified wine range, with nearly every bottle coming in at only £5.

The new This Is… range, created by M&S winemakers led by Belinda Kleinig, includes 15 different types of popular wine, including red, white, rosé and sparkling options.

The new range includes popular styles of wines and different grape varieties, with names and label describing the distinct taste features of the wines.

The simplified labels are designed for wine drinking beginners who are unsure what exactly they enjoy or find complicated labels a bit confusing to decipher.

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This is not just wine, ‘THIS IS...’ is our brand-new wine range!’ write M&S on their Instagram page.

Introducing 15 new wines from spicy reds and blushing rosés to tropical whites and more, these wines are INCREDIBLE value at just £5 per bottle.

‘There’s no ‘judging a book by its cover’ here - the labels show exactly what wine is on the inside,’ they explain.

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Ideal for wine-lovers who might find the wine aisle a bit of a maze, the range is designed to offer guidance on taste, styles and grape varieties and help you pick your PERFECT wine 🍷’.

The range includes European favourites like a crisp French white, smooth Spanish red and even a rosé option, alongside bold Argentinian bottles and crisp Chilean picks.

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And what’s even better is that the whole range comes in at only £5, with two sparkling Italian options available for just £6.

Here is what you can find in the This Is… range:

  • This Is French White, 2019, £5
  • This Is Italian Pinot Grigio, 2019, £5
  • This Is Italian Red, 2019, £5
  • This Is Fruity White, 2019, £5
  • This Is Spanish Red, 2019, £5
  • This Is Chile Sauvignon Blanc, 2019, £5
  • This Is Chile Cabernet Sauvignon, 2019, £5
  • This Is Chile Merlot, 2019, £5
  • This Is Argentina Chardonnay, 2019, £5
  • This Is Argentina Malbec, 2019, £5
  • This Is Australia Shiraz, 2019, £5
  • This Is South Africa Chenin Blanc, 2019, £5
  • This Is Spanish Rose, 2019, £5
  • This Is Italian Sparkling , NV, £6
  • This Is Italian Sparkling Rose, NV, £6

With the UK still in lockdown, it seems like the perfect time to stock up on a few picks and explore some new wine tastes…