This McDonald’s favourite is making a come back – and it’s only £1 in August

Lunchtimes just got so much better
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  • McDonald's have announced the long awaited return of Sweet Chilli Chicken and BBQ & Bacon Wraps to the menu.

    McDonald’s are bringing back our favourite lunch-on-the-go, and it will only set you back £1 for the month of August.

    Fan’s are also thrilled that McDonald’s Monopoly will be making a welcome return next summer.

    Sweet chilli chicken and BBQ & Bacon Wraps will be making their return to the McDonald’s menu from 29 July, with the fast food chain continuing to offer their £1.99 Wrap of the Day deal.

    McDonald’s announced the return of the old favourites ahead of the government’s Eat Out to Help Out scheme, which will give customers 50 per cent off their food and drinks bill, up to £10 per person, from 3rd August.

    With Eat Out to Help Out, customers will be able to get a McDonald’s Wrap of the Day for just £1 on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays when they dine in throughout August.

    McDonald’s continue to offer a limited menu in the wake of lockdown, to ensure the safety of their staff.

    Credit: McDonald’s

    “Over the last few weeks, we’ve been testing which menu items we can reintroduce whilst enabling our restaurant teams to work safely,” said Michelle Graham-Clare, Vice President food and marketing.

    “We’ve heard loud and clear on social media that customers are missing the Big Flavour Wraps range, so we’re delighted to be bringing back the two most popular flavours this week, alongside our side salad.

    “The Wrap of the Day promotion offers customers a great tasting lunch at an even better price, and with the Government’s Eat Out to Help Out scheme, this offer gets even tastier.”

    As more workers begin to head back to the office following lockdown, the announcement will come as a welcome one. As well as their Big Flavour Wraps, the company will also bring back side salads, which customers can swap out their fries for.

    Although McDonald’s restaurants have offered nutrition information on their meals since the 1980’s, the My McDonald’s App has recently introduced a nutrition calculator, totting up the calorie count of a customer’s meal as they build it in the app.

    This follows news of the government’s 12-week obesity plan for 2020, which plans to print the calorie content of meals on restaurant menus.

    144 more McDonald’s restaurants in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland will open for dine-in this week, with the rest opening in time for the launch of Eat Out to Help Out.