Here’s how you can get yourself a free McDonald’s bacon butty tomorrow

Tomorrow's breakfast is sorted!
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  • McDonald’s is giving away a seriously tasty breakfast treat tomorrow and it’s so easy to get your hands on.

    The globally loved fast food joint is handing out bacon rolls totally free to its UK customers tomorrow (Tuesday 14th January), giving us all a great excuse to ditch our usual dull brekkies in favour or something more delicious.

    To claim the edible giveaway, you’ll need the My McDonald’s app, which is available to download free of charge. And of course, you’ll have to be up and awake during McDonald’s breakfast hours.


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    The next step involves spending a bit of cash, but we reckon it’s worth it.

    Simply scroll down to the ‘deals’ section on the app, select the option for the free bacon sarnie and then purchase any hot drink from the McCafe menu.

    After that, head to your nearest McDonald’s location and claim your tea, coffee or hot chocolate along with your scrumptious bacon butty doused with your choice of ketchup or brown sauce.

    Ta-da! You’ve nabbed yourself a hearty breakfast complete with a warming beverage.

    If you’re an ultimate bargain hunter hoping to spend as little as possible to get your hands on the meaty freebie, we recommend opting for a single espresso, priced at 89p.

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    Maccies’ bacon rolls usually cost £2.59, so getting to enjoy one for less than a quid is a no brainer, we think.

    Don’t spend too much time making your way to your closest golden arches though, because this deal expires when the breakfast hours are over.

    Luckily, McDonald’s recently extended its breakfast period by half an hour and it now ends at 11am, so there’s a few extra precious minutes to purchase those morning delicacies.

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    In other exciting McDonald’s news, the restaurants has re-introduced its Spicy Chicken McNuggets for 2020.

    The sizzling snack initially launched last summer and took taste buds by storm for seven weeks.

    They made a return last week and are going to be on sale until the end of this month.