McVitie's is launching brand new festive Jaffa Cakes ready for Christmas

Jaffa Cakes
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Of course, the orangey goodness of a Jaffa Cake is a year-round staple for those with a sweet tooth.

While Brits are yet to agree on whether the delicious chocolate covered circles are classed as biscuits or cakes - it's a known fact they're one of the nation's favourite treats.

Excitingly, McVitie's is giving its classic Jaffa Cakes a revamp just in time for Christmas - launching a brand new flavour for the festive period.

Ditching the famous plain orange flavoured centre, the iconic biscuit brand is changing things up when it comes to the humble Jaffa Cake's jelly insides, giving it a Christmassy twist and adding cranberry into the mix.

It's unknown exactly when Cranberry and Orange Jaffa Cakes will be launching, but we reckon they'll start popping up in shops in the coming weeks.

They're set to retail at £1.20 for a 125g packet and will likely be available in most supermarkets and stores.

Foodie fans reacted to the news of the Christmas take on Jaffa Cakes over on Facebook page Snack Reviews.

'Bet they are beaut,' one eager snack lover penned.

'Ooo they look nice,' agreed another.

This comes after McVitie's blew the minds of biscuit lovers when it was announced that chocolate Digestive biscuits are getting a Christmas make-over too.

To get us in the ultimate festive mood, Gingerbread and Christmas Pudding flavoured takes on the beloved choccy biscuits will be making an appearance on shelves very soon.

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We've got high hopes too. If the McVitie's Christmas releases are anything like the fruity twist they gave to Digestives earlier this year - they're going to be delicious.

Consumers were left drooling when Cherry Bakewell, Marmalade on Toast and Strawberries & Cream versions of chocolate Digestives were released.

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Meanwhile, the McVitie's V.I.B collection went down a storm - Blood Orange, Hazelnut and Caramel Bliss flavours combined with a layer of caramel inside. Drool.

Sugar fans took to social media to share their excitement for the festive McVitie's products.

'Cannot wait to scoff them 🔥🔥,' one exclaimed.

'But will these beat cherry bakewell tho 🤔,' wondered a second, while a third chipped in to say, 'The gingerbread one sounds amazing!'

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