McVitie's has launched a very exciting new Jaffa Cake flavour

Jaffa Cakes
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McVitie's has launched Jaffa Cakes in a new blackcurrant flavour.

You can never say no to a tasty afternoon snack, especially if it's an orange jelly filled Jaffa Cake, right?

And now McVitie's has launched a brand new fruity flavour to join the old school orange Jaffa Cake in its ranks.

The newest twist to the McVitie's Jaffa Cakes family includes a tangy blackcurrant flavour centre, layered with smooth dark chocolate, and a fluffy sponge base, similar to the orange Jaffa Cake we all know and love.

blackcurrant Jaffa cakes

They'll be exclusively available at Tesco in the UK and Ireland when they officially hi t shelves on April 25th and will come in recyclable sharing boxes of ten Jaffa Cakes for £1.20 per pack.

If it's the original Jaffas that have your heart - you can get a huge 100 box for just a fiver on Amazon right now.

Speaking of the unique new biscuit and cake combo launch, Emma Stowers, Brand Director for McVitie's, said, “The tangy berry flavour of our new Jaffa Cakes Blackcurrant flavour is the perfect addition to the Jaffa Cakes crew. We're excited to continue to bring new tastes and experiences to Jaffanatics and can’t wait for everyone to try this new fruity, cool berry flavour. They're so delicious your sharing box may not last long!”

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If you can't wait to get your hands on the new berry tasty treat, there's already pineapple, passion fruit and cherry Jaffa Cakess in stores, ready to be devoured with your next cuppa.

But hold on, there's more. McVitie's has recently released some tasty Jaffa Cake Jonuts. Bringing together the taste of a Jaffa Cake with the shape of (you guessed it) a doughnut.

We can already tell the spongey treats are about to become our new snack obsession, with a soft doughnut-shaped sponge filled with Jaffa Cake's signature tangy filling and a delicious chocolate topping.

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