Amazon is selling a MEGA BOX of 100 McVities Jaffa Cakes for a fantastic price

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Amazon is selling A MEGABOX of 100 McVities Jaffa Cakes for just a fiver.

Amazon is selling 100 McVities Jaffa Cakes for just £5 right now - the equivalent of giving shoppers 10 individual boxes for the price of five.

Buying in bulk is a great way to save and like Cadbury's Huge box of 48 Creme Eggs (opens in new tab), that were being sold earlier this year, Amazon shoppers are in for a treat.

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100 Megabox of McVities Jaffa Cakes
Amazon has a box of 100 Jaffa Cakes for a fiver - the perfect bargain for any McVities fan.

The iconic sweet which has consumers arguing over whether it is a cake or a biscuit is currently on sale for a bargain price with the online retailer selling its MEGABOX of 100 jaffa cakes, for the price of 50. And fans of the perfect picnic treat are urged to snap them up to take advantage of the huge saving before there's a 'total eclipse' of the stock.

Remember the advert where a woman tucks into her Jaffa Cake in just two mouthfuls? Declaring, 'Full moon, half-moon, total eclipse...' before the cake/biscuit vanishes into her mouth, well if you're a fan of the chocolate orange treat you will be able to recreate it over and over again or eat it the correct way (opens in new tab), according to McVities, with this amazing saving.

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Individual boxes of Jaffa Cakes sell for approximately £1 in supermarkets like Tesco and contain 10 individual Jaffa Cakes (opens in new tab), but with Amazon's McVities Jaffa Cakes MEGABOX (opens in new tab) box containing 100 individual round pieces, you will be getting them for half price, saving a staggering £5 which you can either spend on something else or double up and buy another box full.

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The biscuit recipe (opens in new tab) contains a cake sponge element, orange jelly and chocolate base

Alternatively, have a go at making your own Jaffa Cakes (opens in new tab) at home, or try Jaffa Cake flavoured gin (opens in new tab),

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One shopper wrote, 'Wow. It’s a fiver for one HUNDRED of jaffa cakes. A fiver. It costs me like £2 for a single packet in most of the stores in my area, so I bought two of these without thinking much of it. Never regretted it. The expiry dates aren’t for a few months, and with the sheer amount of these I’ve obtained, they’ll last me that long too!'

Another put, 'Probably the greatest purchase of all time. Lovely box, containing ten packets of ten Jaffa cakes. Amazing value really for £5. In this house of jaffaholics even a box this size won’t last long!!'

And a third warned, 'Jaffa cakes, they are not cakes there biscuits!! and very yummy. After ordering this I found a couple of the superstores had discounted single boxes so might be worth comparing before ordering.'

Be quick as the Jaffa Cakes offer won't last forever either.

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