Hidden Restaurants with Michel Roux Jr: Everything you need to know about the chef's new show

Michel Roux Jr is on a quest to find Britain's best secret restaurants...

Two-star Michelin chef Michel Roux Jr is back on our screens with a brand new TV show, Hidden Restaurants, where he explores the best low-profile restaurants in Britain.

You may know him from his previous cookery show on Channel 4, Kitchen Impossible, in which he trained out-of-work people with disabilities in four weeks to become chefs.

Now Michel's back with a new TV show, Hidden Restaurants, where he'll scour Britain to find the most remote, secretive and interesting restaurants in the country.

The chef will be visiting hidden eateries and trying their food, as well as meeting the chefs behind the trends and picking up culinary tricks and tips for himself and his own new restaurant, The Oast House.

The locations range from a floating restaurant only accessible by boat to a fine-dining garden shed that seats only eight.

As well as visiting some of the best hidden restaurants in the country, in each episode Michel Roux Jr will also follow one restaurant from build to opening night, showcasing what it takes to open a successful maverick restaurant.

The 56-year-old chef is currently the head chef at Le Gavroche, an upmarket London restaurant.

Image: Channel 4

Freddy Bird, a top chef from Bristol, will be giving Michel Roux Jr a hand in his new show

In his quest to find the best hidden restaurants in Britain, Michel Roux Jr will get some help from Freddy Bird, a top chef from Bristol.

What recipes will Michel Roux Jr be whipping up in Hidden Restaurants?

In the first episode, the chef tried his hand at opening his own hidden restaurant, with his converted Kent pop-up summer restaurant called The Oast House.

His idea was to cook 'unpretentious food and serving it in a simple setting', so his menus consisted of crudités, a fish burgers and cheesecake.

Image: Channel 4

What restaurants will Michel Roux Jr be visiting?

Michel Roux Jr's search for the best hidden restaurants in the country will be divided in four episodes, with each one focusing on one of four regions: South West, South East, North East and Wales.

Hidden restaurants in the South West

The first region that Michel Roux Jr visits in the series is the South West of England, where he finds a floating café in the middle of an estuary and a Latin American 'bustaurant'- a double decker that sells Latin food.

Hidden restaurants in the North East

Up next was the North East, where Michel stopped by a tiny beach shack, Riley's Fish Shack, and tasted grilled lobster by the sea.

He also visited The Treehouse Restaurant, in Alnwick, one of the oldest tree houses in the world. The 'magical' place uses locally sourced ingredients like meats from Northumberland's farmlands and is quite literally a tree house, where diners can eat amongst the tree tops.

Hidden restaurants in Wales

In the third episode of the series, the chef will be visiting secret restaurants in Wales, including hidden eateries in a garden shed, at a staff canteen and in an old Victorian walled kitchen garden.

Hidden restaurants in the South East

The final instalment of Michel Roux Jr's quest to find Britain's best hidden restaurants is dedicated to the South East region, where the chef finds restaurants at a concrete military fort at sea, a restaurant made of scaffolding and plastic sheeting, and a home-ware shop with a secret restaurant hidden at the back. His sidekick Freddy also tracks down the world's smallest restaurants - a four seater eatery in the back of an old Citroen van in London.

When is Hidden Restaurants with Michel Roux Jr on?

Hidden Restaurants with Michel Roux Jr will air every Wednesday at 8pm on Channel 4 for four weeks, but if you miss it you can catch up on 4OD. Are you watching Michel Roux Jr's new show? Let us know in the comments!


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