Morrisons launch £30 food box to feed a family of four

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Morrisons has launched a £30 food box to feed a family of four for just £1.50 per portion.

Each box contains a mixture of fresh and dry produce for £30, which works out to be five family meals for four, working out at £1.50 a portion.

With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic throwing Brits into yet another lockdown this January, being able to save some cash here and there can make a huge difference.

Morrisons is offering the box in a bid to help families struggling with having to keep their children at home due to current school closures.

The £30 box also includes delivery which is great for customers who can't psychically get to the supermarket.

5 Meals to Feed a Family of 4 Box

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Shoppers can also order the box on a subscription basis which makes it even cheaper, coming in at £28.50, meaning a further saving of £1.50, or 5%, every little helps.

Although the boxes are only available online, Morrisons have also included recipes, so you're able to make five new exciting meals with ease.

On the website, Morrisons promises to make 'planning meals hassle-free' as each portion is priced lower than competitors.

This family deal box comes after footballer and food poverty campaigner Marcus Rashford slammed the quality of the government food parcels being sent to vulnerable children who would usually qualify for free school meals.

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Rashford branded the effort 'unacceptable' after images of some of them began circulating online, sparking public outcry for more to be done to help feed hungry children throughout the pandemic.

What do you get in the £30 Morrisons food box?

  • Morrisons Market Street British Minced Beef 12% Fat 500g
  • Morrisons The Best Thick Pork Sausages 400g x 2
  • Pilgrims Choice Mature Cheddar 350g
  • Morrisons Puff Pastry 375g
  • Morrisons Trimmed Leeks 500g
  • Morrisons Chestnut Mushrooms 250g
  • Loose Garlic
  • Morrisons Baby Plum Tomatoes 250g
  • Morrisons Maris Piper Potatoes 2.5kg
  • Morrisons Brown Onions 1kg
  • Morrisons Salad Peppers
  • Morrisons Red Kidney Beans 390g
  • Morrisons Basil 16g
  • Morrisons Thyme 16g
  • Morrisons Parsley 11g
  • Morrisons Courgettes 3 pack 240g
  • Morrisons Spaghetti 500g
  • Morrisons Easy Cook Long Grain Rice 500g
  • Morrisons Butter Beans In Water 400g
  • Morrisons Chopped Tomatoes 400g
  • Morrisons Vegetable Stock Cubes 12's 120g
  • Eat Fresh Chilli Powder 5g
  • Morrisons Canned Reduced Fat Coconut Milk 400ml
  • Morrisons Medium Curry Powder 90g
  • Morrisons Bunched Coriander 100g

With the ingredients in each box, families can whip up meals like spaghetti with meatballs, sausage and butterbean bake, cheesy leek and mushroom pie, vegetable curry and chilli con carne.

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