Morrisons launches new service to help get essentials to shoppers

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  • Morrisons has launched a new service to help get household essentials to their shoppers.

    The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has seen supermarket shelves being swept clean by those who are concerned about having enough supplies to last during a possible lockdown.

    And with most of the country now shut up at home after the government announced that only essential travel outside the home (and one daily walk) is allowed, households are needing many more supplies than usual.

    But with the empty supermarket shelves and snaking queues, many have turned to online shopping in order to get groceries into their houses.

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    And as expected, with the increased demand even that has started to become an issue.

    Popular online groceries store Ocado was even forced to stop accepting orders for a few days due to overwhelming demand.

    So major supermarket Morrisons has implemented a new service in order to ensure that elderly people and those who are more vulnerable are able to get satisfactory provisions.

    The chain has launched an initiative for special food boxes aimed at those who are not able to place food orders on the store’s website.

    Morrisons says that each box would include ‘a selection of everyday items’, depending on what is available in store.

    Shoppers are able to choose between a meat or a vegetarian option and the box will come with a range of household goods as well as food essentials.

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    The boxes are available to customers for £30 each and will be delivered straight to shoppers’ doors for £5 per delivery.

    And even better – elderly and vulnerable customers will be prioritised to ensure that they get what they need.

    Our boxes include a selection of everyday items based on our current availability for you and your family, including food and essential household goods,’ wrote Morrisons. ‘You can choose between vegetarian or meat eaters food boxes to suit your lifestyle’.