This is why you should pay attention to the tape markings in supermarkets

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Even though we're all staying at home, sometimes we need to head out to get necessities from supermarkets.

Recently, supermarkets everywhere have added tape markings to their floors and there's a very good reason for this.

To stop the spread of coronavirus, the UK government has urged people to stay at home where possible and only go outside for essentials.

This includes grocery shopping, one form of exercise per day, medical needs, and essential travel such as commuting when working from home is not achievable.

And when we do have to go outside, social distancing is very important.

In order to demonstrate just how far apart we should be standing, supermarkets have added strips of tape to the floor.

These indicate just how far apart we should be standing whenever we're shopping for essentials.

Examples of these have been shared on Twitter, with one user adding that their supermarket wasn't letting more than 20 people in the building at once.

It seems the use of tape in the supermarkets was first used in Danish supermarkets, and was shared by Best for Britain on Twitter.

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Now, the use of tape markers has come to the UK, with many people spotting them at their local supermarkets.

Lidl Ireland shared a genius demonstration to show how important social distancing is.

By using boxes of cereal, they showed what could happen if customers stood close together during the pandemic.

By standing too close together, it's easier to pass on the virus if you're carrying it. So it's best to keep your distance right now.

Before closing their stores across the UK, this tape was also spotted at McDonald's by some customers.

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