Morrisons is selling a 6kg meat box that includes 50 pieces for only 80p each

Morrisons lean meat box
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Morrisons is selling a box of meat that will allow customers to save money this summer.

Whether it’s clear and sunny enough for a barbeque outside or you’re forced to use the kitchen grill to escape the chilly and breezy outdoor conditions, Morrisons’ meat box will hit all the spots.

The budget supermarket is selling a 6kg box full of gorgeous cuts of meat to give us all something to look forward to on these summer lockdown evenings.

And if you’re a fat-phobe when it comes to meat and the word ‘marbled’ just makes you quiver, this is the box for you, as it is full of lean cuts of meat that have been nicely trimmed, rather than cuts with big chunks of fat attached to them.

morrisons lean meat box

Containing 11 packets of fresh meat, the box includes portions of chicken, beef, pork, turkey and bacon, which all contain under five per cent fat.

From Morrisons' own range, the box contains a 2kg pack of chicken breast fillets, 340g beef medallion steaks, and 480g of turkey breast steaks.

Shoppers will also find four beef burgers and sweet chilli turkey burgers, which are great for grilling up for a summer dinner.

And the best part? It comes in at only £45 per box (including next day delivery charges), meaning that you can get 50 pieces of meat for only 80p each.

What’s included in the Morrisons lean meat box?

  • Morrisons British Chicken Breast Fillets, 2kg
  • Morrisons British Beef Medallion Steaks, 340g
  • Morrisons British Beef Lean Mince 5 Per Cent Fat, 525g
  • Morrisons British Pork Mince 5 Per Cent Fat, 500g
  • Morrisons British Turkey Breast Steaks, 480g
  • Morrisons British Chicken Mini Fillets, 600g
  • Morrisons British 4 Beef Burgers 5 Per Cent Fat, 454g
  • Morrisons British 12 Beef Meatballs 5 Per Cent Fat, 340g
  • Morrisons Market St British Sweet Chilli Turkey Burgers, 454g
  • Morrisons Reduced Fat Unsmoked Bacon 8 Rashers x 2 packs, 225g (450g total)

We’d grab one before they sell out!

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