M&S offends Northern shoppers with 'outrageous' take on this chip shop classic

M&S chip shop scraps
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M&S has divided shoppers with its latest foodie release, causing controversy among Northern customers.

Fish and chips is a delicacy loved by Brits everywhere - but there's a North and South divide when it comes to the finer details of chip shop etiquette.

While Southerners tend to keep things simple with salt, vinegar, mushy peas and a squirt of ketchup, their Northern counterparts are partial to lashings of gravy and a special treat that is hard to find in the South.

Chip shop 'scraps' are stray pieces of crispy batter that flake off the fish when it's cooking in oil and they're usually sold free of charge.

Now, high street food retailer M&S has jumped on the Northern chippy tradition, selling a 50g pot of Chip Shop Scraps for £1.10 - and it's rubbed some shoppers up the wrong way!

Many took to social media, accusing M&S of trying to make scraps a little more fancy than they need to be in a bid to 'appeal' to its Northern customers.

While others claimed to be 'outraged' and insulted' by the new release.

'Scraps are supposed to be free. That’s the whole point of scraps,' one pointed out on Twitter.

'The f***ing audacity,' wrote another mortified scrap-lover.

'A desperate attempt to appeal to their Northern customers?' a third wondered.

'You are supposed to get scraps for free This is an outrage,' agreed a fourth.

'Surely this isn’t real. It’s some joker with photoshop? When I was a kid I could walk to the chippy and they’d give you a bag of scraps for free. Lovely with loads of salt and vinegar but don’t half make your fingers greasy,' continued another passionate scraps fan.

The divisive product went down well with some, though, with other Tweeters drooling over the crispy treat.

One wrote, 'Get me some of those!'

'*might* actually leave the house for these,' joked another.

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