M&S has launched new Marmite pinwheels and they look incredible


M&S has launched Marmite pinwheels to add to its growing ranks of Marmite themed snacks and treats.

What comes to mind when you hear the word Marmite? Isn't it either horrifyingly disgusting or ridiculously delicious? While the yeast extract spread isn't for everyone, Marmite has some great health benefits.

If you're a lover of the stuff, there is some exciting foodie news for the world's Marmite fans, just days after word of a Marmite shortage was being reported.

Foodie haven Marks and Spencer has collaborated with Marmite to produce a variety of exclusive items in the past, including Marmite butter and Marmite cream cheese.

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Now, the iconic British supermarket has added Marmite pinwheels to its Marmite ranks - and they look so good.

M&S has dubbed them the 'perfect bite-size' snacks and they're currently available in stores around the country.

They're a savoury treat that's sure to become a regular in any Marmite fan's home.

The all-new 'dinky, twirly, tasty Marmite pinwheels' combine a delicious dough and cheese with the signature taste of Marmite.

M&S shared news of the launch on Instagram and Facebook and was met with a big response, with Marmite lovers flocking to the comment section to vow to get their hands on them.

One wrote, 'Yes - I gotta have me some of these bad boys!'

Another Marmite enthusiast penned, '❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ MARKS AND SPENCER ARE THE VERY BEST 😍😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍'

'Just tried them today they are beautiful,' a third keen M&S shopper who had already snapped some up added.

Meanwhile, other Marmite-obsessed commenters couldn't help but pine over the Marmite Hot Cross Buns that were available at M&S this Easter, with many urging for the store to bring them back to shelves.

M&s four cheese and marmite hot cross buns

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'Bring back the Marmite Hot X Buns. What a winner they were. Need to have them all year - don’t suppose we need the X on them,' one wrote, while another added, 'I agree...they were amazing....or a cheese & marmite roll!'

The M&S team made sure to respond to fans desperate for the Marmite buns to make a return, hinting that they might just do so in future.

'Hi Paula. I'm glad you love them! I can't promise anything but I've passed this onto our Food team and hopefully they can return for you in the near future,' the official reply from M&S read.

Fingers crossed!

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