Marks and Spencer’s super unique collaboration with Marmite will leave lovers of the controversial spread thrilled

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Famously, you either love it or you hate it.

But for the Marmite fanatics of the world, there’s some thrilling foodie news that is essential to hear about.

High street food haven Marks and Spencer have teamed up with the geniuses at Marmite to create a range of unique new products.

Credit: Marmite

Hitting 400 stores nationwide today is a time saving condiment that is sure to become a staple in any Marmite on toast lovers’ fridge.

The all new Marmite Creamy Butter provides the diary classic with a hit of Marmite’s iconic umami flavour.

According to M&S it’s the perfect accompaniment to a slice of hot toast or a fluffy jacket potato.

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They’ve even suggested you sear a steak in the stuff or toss your roast potatoes in it to achieve a mouth-wateringly crunchy coating.

There’s also a Marmite Cream Cheese making its way onto M&S shelves today, infusing the taste of the controversial yeast extract spread with the smooth dairy treat.

Credit: M&S

Envision a hot toasted bagel slathered in cheese-y Marmite goodness or a bowl of pasta with a dollop of the innovative offering stirred in. We’re drooling.

A tub of the Marmite Creamy Butter will set you back £3 while the Marmite Cream Cheese will lose you just £2.50.

Credit: M&S

Last but by no means least, M&S will soon welcome the third member of the Marmite product family.

Marmite Cheese Twists will be available to buy in stores very soon, combining crumbly pastry, moreish cheese and the caramelised notes of Marmite into one hand held, eat-on-the-go snack. Even better, it’ll cost just £1.

Upon hearing the news, plenty of Marmite worshippers took to social media to rejoice.

100% would eat,' penned one. 

'I got the cream cheese and it’s amazing! Need to find the butter now,' swooned another.

'I want steak with Marmite, mash with Marmite and green beans with Marmite butter on. Thanks @marksandspencer for adding to the obsession,' a third continued.

'Need to make a trip to M&S for some @marmite butter! It’s like my prayers have been answered,' agreed a fourth. 

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