Ocado is selling Rainbow Mini Waffles and we bet the kids will love them

Birds Eye Rainbow Mini Waffles

Bird’s Eye’s latest tea-time innovation that your kids will love - and you'll approve too!

Potato waffles are the freezer-friendly staple many mums turn to when they need to whip up a speedy midweek meal, but they’re not exactly high in nutritional value - until now, that is.

We’ve all heard that ‘eating the rainbow’ is an important way of getting enough variety in our diets to hit our daily nutrient requirements. Well, if these babies don’t get your kids to eat their veg, we’ll eat our hats.

Bird’s Eye’s potato waffles have been a dinnertime staple since 1981, but they’ve just had a very 21st century makeover.

Don't worry – the vibrant colours of the new Rainbow Mini Waffles are all natural. Even better, they come from yummy (and healthy) sweet potatoes, beetroot and green garden peas (with a few classic potato waffles thrown in for good measure, of course).

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'Birds Eye Rainbow Mini Waffles are a simple but magical mix of fluffy potato mash and vegetable goodness that will introduce more colour and dietary variety to the nation’s plates,’ explained Pete Johnson, Bird’s Eye’s marketing manager.

Rainbow Waffles

Credit: Bird's Eye

The waffles are completely free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. They’re also gluten-free and suitable for vegans.

They can be cooked from frozen in just 10-15 minutes and one portion contains 162 calories and less than one gram of saturated fat, so they’re a great no-fuss option for busy but health-conscious mums.

The Rainbow Mini Waffles are currently exclusive to Ocado – and you can snap up a 534g bag for £2.50 right now.

From 8th April, they’ll also be available from Iceland, at a special introductory price of £2.00 until 6th May.

We wouldn’t want to argue with 9 out of 10 unicorns - safe to say we'll be making space for these in our freezers...

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