Why pizza could be better for you for breakfast than cereal

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  • There comes a time when the thought of preparing your usual overnight oats or waking up 15 minutes earlier to poach some eggs for breakfast just doesn’t appeal to you – it’s fine, we’ve all been there.

    Sometimes you just need to work with what you’ve got because who really wants to lose sleep in order to cook up a gourmet feast first thing in the morning?

    So if you’ve ever felt guilty for reaching for that slice of leftover pizza to satisfy your morning hunger, fret no more because as it turns out, eating pizza for breakfast is not actually the worst way to start your day.

    In fact, eating pizza is actually a better way to kick start your morning than by scoffing a big bowl of sugary cereal, as it contains less sugar than most types of cereals that tend to be a lot of people’s go-to breakfast choice.

    According to nutritionist Chelsey Amer, pizza – while by no means the most nutritional breakfast you could choose – can provide you with more protein and less sugar than a bowl of cereal.

    ‘[Eating pizza] will keep you full and boost satiety throughout the morning’, she explained in a conversation with The Daily Meal.

    She also emphasized the fact that pizza won’t lead to ‘a quick sugar crash’ the same way most cereals will.

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    With sugar often being the second largest ingredient in many cereal recipes, it makes sense that you will feel hungry soon after eating and suffer a massive sugar crash.

    Not with a slice of your favourite pizza though, because whether you opt for a Margarita or a Pepperoni Passion, the tomato sauce and often protein based toppings will offer you more nutritional perks than a bowl of the sweet stuff.

    While we don’t advise chowing down on pizza every morning, you can now take some comfort in the fact that the next time you do reach for a one-off slice for breakfast, it won’t mean the end for your health – or waistline.