Poundland launches new £2 meal deal – and it’s cheaper than Tesco

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  • Discount retailer Poundland has introduced its first meal deal for £2, including a sandwich, drink, chocolate bar, and a drink.

    You probably only have one more work lunch to buy before the weekend…

    And, you might want to take a look at Poundland’s new meal deal – which is in fact ‘better and cheaper Boots and Tesco,’ according to some reviewers.

    You might remember that the bargain store has trialled meal deals in the past – but you’ll be glad to hear that this new £2 meal deal has been launched in all stores and is here to stay!

    Included in the meal deal you will get a sandwich, packet of crisps, a chocolate bar, and a drink.

    And, the chocolate bars and drinks are made by our favourite well-known brands including Mars, Twix, Quavers and Pepsi.

    The sandwiches are Poundland‘s own brand, and the discount retailer has ensured these will be made each day in its supplier store, Greencore, based in Nottingham.

    This super sandwich supplier also stocks sandwiches in M&S, Waitrose, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Asda.

    Sandwiches included in the deal are BLT, cheese and onion, chicken salad, tuna and sweet corn, and many more.

    Poundland launches meal deal

    Credit: Poundland

    At only £2 a meal deal, this is nearly the cheapest deal on the high street.

    And, if you haven’t noticed already, you get four lunchtime snacks, rather than the three usually on offered in other meal deals.

    If you really are looking to get your hands on the cheapest meal deal, B&M offer a deal for £1.75 including a drink, sandwich and snack.

    Boots’ meal deal comes in at £.3.99, whereas Sainsbury’s and Tesco both cost £3.

    Poundland bargain hunters have been quick to share their excitement on social media.

    One said: ‘oof, im all about those poundland meal deals 😳.’

    Another added: ‘So it turns out that sandwich meal deals from @Poundland are way better than you might think. #themoreyouknow.’

    Another said: ‘The best thing that has happened to me this year is discovering the new £2 meal deal in @Poundland.’

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