You can now can buy Bacon Mac & Cheese flavoured Pringles – yes, really!

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  • We all love Pringles, and now there’s two very unique flavours available on our shelves.

    If you’re bored of conventional flavours like Cheese and Onion or Salt and Vinegar, Bacon Mac & Cheese and Ketchup Pringles are currently on sale in Home Bargains. Yes, you read that correctly.

    The newcomers were spotted by New Foods UK on Instagram, with a happy shopper writing: ‘Never seen these Pringles before! 😮 spotted at @homebargains 🤤😍’.

    The crisps are an absolute bargain too, as they’re only 99p each. So that’s a great excuse to stock up before they disappear. They’re only available in-store sadly, so you can’t get them sent straight to your door, as tempting as that is.

    The flavours don’t seem to be on sale in any other UK supermarkets, so you’d need to check out your local Home Bargains to see if you can grab yourself a tube or two. You know you want to!

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    Asda used to sell the Bacon Mac & Cheese flavour, which were part of Pringles’ ‘Street Food’ range. Sadly none of the flavours from the range are at Asda anymore, including Spicy BBQ ribs and Thai Green Curry. There’s no signs they’ll be making a comeback either, but we remain hopeful!

    The ketchup flavour was also sold in Asda in 2017, but only for a limited time. It’s currently available on the Kingdom of Sweets website for £3.99 a tube, making it £3 more expensive than Home Bargains. You’d also have to factor in delivery costs, so your best bet is to actually try a Home Bargains store if you really want to give them a taste.

    If you love trying interesting new flavours, chocolate orange After Eights were recently spotted at Asda, and mint Mr Kipling Fondant Fancies are available at Tesco and Morrisons.


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