British brand launches PINK prosecco flavoured cheese (just in time for Christmas!)

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  • A British cheese company is now selling prosecco flavoured cheese, just in time for your festive cheese board…

    In the latest chapter of Britain’s love affair with prosecco, we can report there’s yet another food that’s been hit by the bubbly craze.

    Credit for the pretty-in-pink cheesy treat goes to the innovators at The Great British Cheese Company, who decided to add the tipple to their Wensleydale cheese, paired with a hint of raspberry.

    The cheese, described as being a ‘treat for anybody with a sweet tooth’, is a 2017-style update to the classic Christmassy Wensleydale with Cranberries.

    Not only is it made with the drink of the moment, the cheese is also pink-hued – very much on the millennial pink trend that has also been picked up by Lidl with their gin liqueurs, and Aldi with their pink gin.

    Aldi will also be selling prosecco-infused cocktail sausages this Christmas

    Describing the new product on their website, the makers of the new cheese say: ‘Wensleydale with sweet raspberry and sharp prosecco, this cheese is a treat for anybody with a sweet tooth. Unique to The Great British Cheese Company, our prosecco and raspberry flavour has been a bit hit!

    ‘You’ve probably heard of the popular at Christmas classic, Wensleydale with cranberries. Wensleydale has a supple and crumbly texture and a milky freshness, paired with fruit such as Cranberries, the acidity cuts through rich cheese resulting in a balanced flavour. Paring prosecco and raspberry with Wensleydale produces similar savoury, sweet and acidic flavour combinations.’

    If you fancy including this prosecco flavoured option in your Christmas cheese board, you can order it from the The Great British Cheese Company website and it will cost you £4.50 for 200g.

    But if prosecco isn’t your thing, they have also released other flavours like Sticky Toffee Tastic truckles, Peri Peri Cheddar and a Whiskey Mac.

    Time to give into the prosecco madness… 🍾 🍾