Aldi gin: Aldi’s best budget gins for 2021

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  • The Aldi gin range for 2021 varies from dry gin to fruit-infused gin. Whether you want to drink it straight, pair it with a bit of fizz or turn it into a classic gin cocktail, we’re sure you’ll find one to suit.

    Gin has become a massively popular spirit over the years. In 2018, WSTA (The Wine and Spirit Trade Association) reported that over 73 million bottles of gin were sold in the UK. In 2019 this rose to 82 million bottles and the figures continue to climb on a yearly basis.

    In addition to the well respected Aldi wine range, the budget-supermarket has experienced a surge in sales of this staple British spirit. With Aldi estimating that an average of 5,000 bottles of good for you gin are sold every hour – that’s an incredible 12,500 bottles per day. The staggering popularity of this tipple has left us wanting to find out more about the range Aldi has to offer us this year. From Aldi’s Haysmith’s to Harrison gin, from pink gin to dry gin, we’ve chosen the top Aldi gins for 2021. Though a word to the wise – try to stick to a glass or two if you’re hoping to prevent a hangover

    Aldi’s Haysmith’s, Raspberry and Redcurrant Pink Gin

    Aldi gin

    Sweet raspberries and tangy red berries pair nicely together to make this sweet Aldi’s Haysmith’s, Raspberry, and Redcurrant Pink Gin. The delicately decorated bottle makes this gin perfect as a gift option too.

    Aldi says this gin has a ‘peppery note with juniper undertones’.

    VIEW AT ALDI | £14.99

    Aldi’s Haysmith’s Blood Orange & Peach Gin

    Aldi gin

    The vibrant colour of this gin is sure to turn a few heads. The burst of citrus orange partnered with the softness of the peach work wonders together. This is a great base gin for a cocktail or keep it simple and serve with tonic. Garnish with an orange segment.

    Aldi says this gin has a ‘fresh and zesty orange flavour’.

    VIEW AT ALDI | £14.99

    Aldi’s Haysmith’s Seville Orange & Lime Gin

    Aldi gin

    If you’re a fan of citrus, this gin is the one for you. The tangy orange and punch of lime really bring this gin to life. Garnish with a lime and keep it simple with tonic or fizz it up and serve with prosecco.

    Aldi says this gin has ‘sweet lime undertones’.

    VIEW AT ALDI | £14.99

    Aldi’s Haysmith’s Rhubarb & Ginger Gin

    Aldi gin

    Aldi’s Haysmith’s Rhubarb & Ginger Gin has a fiery flavour thanks to the ginger. Tie a bright pink bow around this bottle of gin and you’ve got an impressive gift that costs only £14.99.

    Aldi says this gin is ‘spicy and fruity with a warming taste’.

    VIEW AT ALDI | £14.99

    Greyson’s Premium Pink Gin 1L

    Aldi gin

    Ideal served with lemonades, Greyson’s Premium Pink Gin is a delicate gin with a hint of raspberries and strawberries. Serve with plenty of ice and heaps of berries on top for an impressive, yet simple cocktail.

    Aldi says this gin has ‘aromas of berries’.

    VIEW AT ALDI | £17.99

    Harrison Gin

    Aldi gin

    This gin is a classic. It’s crisp in flavour, has zesty, floral undertones, and is perfectly paired with cucumber. A hint of juniper really makes this gin special. Keep it classic and serve with ice and tonic.

    Aldi says this gin is ‘crisp, refreshing, and balanced’.

    VIEW AT ALDI | £15.99

    Greyson’s London Dry Gin 1L

    Aldi gin

    Greyson’s London Dry Gin, formally known as Oliver Cromwell is ideal if you’re looking to create a classic G&T. This dry and zesty gin is a bargain. Serve with plenty of ice, lemon, and tonic or lemonade.

    Aldi says this gin is elegantly smooth and complex taste’.

    VIEW AT ALDI | £14.19

    These gins are available all year round from stores across the UK.