Best Aldi gins: Aldi's best budget gins for 2022

A selection of the best budget Aldi gin to buy - all under £20 and available to purchase online...

A selection of the best Aldi gins for 2022

From dry gin to fruit-infused gin, here are the best Aldi gins to buy online for 2022 - all of which are well under £20.

With the popularity of gin continuing to grow over the years, more and more retailers and leading supermarkets are jumping on the gin bandwagon. According to Aldi an average of 5,000 bottles of gin are sold every hour – that’s an incredible 12,500 bottles per day. In 2019, it was estimated that an average of 4.6 million people in the UK were 'heavy' gin consumers and Statista (opens in new tab) has predicted that the amount of gin bought in the UK for 2022 will continue to grow by 9% compared to 2021.

"Given that gin is the base of many popular cocktails including Tom Collins, Martini, and Pimm's, it's no surprise that it remains one of the most popular spirits to drink," says Senior Food Writer, Jessica Ransom (opens in new tab). "If you love gin for its dry, refreshing characteristics, watch out when buying flavoured varieties. A lot of fruit-flavoured gins are actually gin liqueurs and so while they benefit from a lower ABV, they are often a lot sweeter and can taste sickly or syrupy."

Whether you want to drink it straight, pair it with a bit of fizz or turn it into classic gin cocktails (opens in new tab), we’re sure you’ll find the perfect gin to suit at Aldi.

Best Aldi gins 2022

Aldi gin

Credit: Aldi

1. Haysmith’s Seville orange & lime gin

If you’re a fan of citrus, this gin is the one for you. The tangy orange and punch of lime really bring this gin to life. Garnish with a lime and keep it simple with tonic or fizz it up and serve with Prosecco. Aldi says this gin has ‘sweet lime undertones’.

Rated an average of 4.6 stars out of 5 by Aldi customers. "Delicious and such fantastic value. A nice gin with an ordinary tonic," said one happy shopper, who gave this gin 5 stars. Another added; "Such a lovely gin, In my opinion it’s better than the leading brands, and the price makes it a perfect package." Aldi customer, Weevi, also gave this gin 5 stars and commented; "This gin is my favourite of all gins. It is refreshing and smooth. It is deliciously served with lime slices and tonic water. The price is great too."

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Haysmith’s rhubarb & ginger gin

Credit: Aldi

2. Haysmith’s rhubarb & ginger gin

Aldi’s Haysmith’s rhubarb & ginger gin has a fiery flavour thanks to the ginger. Tie a bright pink bow around this bottle of gin and you’ve got an impressive gift that costs only £14.49. Aldi says this gin is ‘spicy and fruity with a warming taste’.

One satisfied Aldi customer gave this bottle 5 stars commenting; "Not a great lover of flavoured gin, apart from Malfi pink grapefruit, this is an exception, most enjoyable and a real spring/summer drink." Another added; "Was an excellent good price will definitely buy it again on our next visit."

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Aldi gin

Credit: Aldi

3. Greyson’s Premium pink gin 1L

Ideal served with lemonades, Greyson’s Premium pink gin is a delicate gin with a hint of raspberries and strawberries. Serve with plenty of ice and heaps of berries on top for an impressive, yet simple cocktail. Aldi says this gin has ‘aromas of berries’.

Rated an average of 4.5 stars out of 5, this gin is a popular choice amongst Aldi shoppers. "A really good flavour, summer fruits go very well with Apperatino," said Sheila, who gave this gin 5 stars. "A lovely smooth gin with undertones of fresh raspberries and strawberries," said Aldi customer Pauline, who also gave this bottle 5 stars.

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Aldi gin

Credit: Aldi

4. Harrison handcrafted gin

This gin is a classic. It’s crisp in flavour, has zesty, floral undertones, and is perfectly paired with cucumber. A hint of juniper really makes this gin special. Keep it classic and serve with ice and tonic. Aldi says this gin is ‘crisp, refreshing, and balanced’.

"The Harrison gin is lovely and smooth, like Hendricks, and can be drunk neat. I buy this frequently. The other cheap gins like Haysmith or Hortus I find are very rough spirits so cannot be drunk neat, but maybe ok used as a mixer," said one happy Aldi shopper who gave this bottle 5 stars.

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Topaz blue premium gin

Credit: Aldi

5. Topaz blue premium gin

A handcrafted, top-quality gin that is popular amongst Aldi shoppers. This gin has a full-bodied taste and is the perfect G&T option, with plenty of lemon and lime. It can even be served neat as it's such a smooth, easy-to-drink gin according to Aldi customers. Aldi has also described this gin as 'earthy, spicy and fruit driven'.

Rated an average of 4.6 stars out of 5. "Gin has often been drunk neat, or with a dash of water, but in the UK the default has long been to serve it with tonic water. At an international event in the Netherlands, the Dutch offer was gin without a mixer and it works if the gin is good enough. This is," commented Aldi customer, Frank, who gave this bottle 5 stars. Another added; "We love this gin. It’s very much like a certain other blue-styled gin. It’s easy to drink, with no overpowering strong flavours, and a clean finish. Works with any tonic."

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Greyson's Sicilian lemon gin

Credit: Aldi

6. Greyson's Sicilian lemon gin

A smooth, zesty lemon gin - perfect for the summer months. Greyson's Sicilian lemon gin has a rich, fresh flavour. This best Aldi gin can be bought in bulk, with 6 bottles costing just £77.94 - great for parties.

"Good flavoured gin. Certainly on par with other well-known more expensive gins. Mixes well with either tonic or Aldi’s fresh still lemonade. Would recommend & certainly re-purchase," said Aldi customer, Teddy, who gave this bottle 5 stars. Aldi shopper Sam also gave this bottle 5 stars and added; "I have tried the Gordons version and this is far superior. The taste has so much citrus lemon in it. So refreshing."

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Haysmith's pink grapefruit and orange gin

Credit: Aldi

7. Haysmith's pink grapefruit and orange gin

Aldi's Haysmith's pink grapefruit and orange gin is rated 5 stars - making it one of the best Aldi gins on our list. The bittersweet grapefruit and citrus orange pair perfectly together to make this sweet, fruity gin. Aldi has described this gin as having an 'elegantly smooth and complex taste'.

"I’m old school when it comes to gin, I like it to taste like gin and not fruit punch. However, this one is really lovely. The pink grapefruit is just right and not overpowering, in fact, I just ordered half a dozen!" said Aldi customer Linnie, who named this gin the 'perfect gin'. "This gin is the best one that Aldi does we love it does not last long in our house, our last two orders have not been able to purchase, hope it will soon be back on the shelves," said one satisfied Aldi customer, Malcolm, who gave this bottle 5 stars.

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Haysmith's London dry gin

Credit: Aldi

8. Haysmith's London dry gin

This award-winning gin has been given bronze and silver awards from the IWSC 2021 as well as a silver in The Gin Masters: The Spirit Business award. Aldi describes this gin as having 'bold signature flavours of juniper and citrus peel with underlying notes of complex botanicals'. You can buy this gin in bulk with 6 bottles costing just £89.94.

Rated an average of 4.6 stars, this gin has been labeled a fantastic gin as well as being good value. "I’m not an expert on gin but, I must say that I find myself very pleased with the quality of the gin, I like it with a good quality tonic and a slice of lime," said Dobbo, who gave this gin 5 stars. "This is a great gin and so worth the money. This will definitely be a regular in the cupboard for me," said Katy who also gave this bottle 5/5.

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Salted maple fudge gin liqueur

Credit: Aldi

9. Salted maple fudge gin liqueur

A sweet, warming gin-based liqueur - just perfect for cocktail making. Aldi has described this gin liqueur as having 'mouthwatering flavours of warm salted fudge'.  A great addition to have in your kitchen bar priced at just £8.99 for 50cl.

Rated an average of 5 stars by Aldi customers. "I was skeptical initially as I am a brand-centric person. The taste was surprisingly good and there was no unpleasant aftertaste, which I had expected. I finished the bottle within a week!" Another customer added; "This is divine. If you like maple (I do) and fudge (again) and gin liqueur (big tick) then you will adore this as much as I did. Discovered on Monday. Went back Tuesday to buy another bottle. I can see this being a big thing. Well done Aldi. Please don't ever run out of stock."

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Spiced biscuit gin liqueur

Credit: Aldi

10. Spiced biscuit gin liqueur

A bargain buy at just £6.99, this gin liqueur is infused with spiced biscuits; cinnamon, ginger, and vanilla. Aldi recommends serving over ice 'delicious served neat over ice, or in iced coffee'. We also think this would be perfect drizzled over a chocolate pudding for a boozy dessert.

Rated an average of 5 stars by Aldi shoppers; "Very tasty, nice with prosecco to add fizz, would recommend!" Another customer said it made the perfect Christmas gift. A case of 6 bottles of this popular liqueur costs just £41.94.

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Lemon drizzle cake gin liqueur

Credit: Aldi

11. Lemon drizzle cake gin liqueur

Why not give your lemon drizzle cake a boozy kick with this popular gin liqueur? The Infusionist lemon and vanilla cake flavoured gin liqueur is a sweet gin with a hint of juniper and zesty lemon punch of flavour. Aldi recommends serving this drink as a 'dessert drink, or poured over crushed ice'.

Aldi customer Jules gave this bottle 5 stars and added; "Great value with £1 off in-store. If you like lemon flavour like me you should love it. The lemon flavour came through when added lemonade. Don't like tonic water so I cant comment on that." Another added; "I mixed it with Aldi's fresh lemon juice and carbonated water. It tasted like a cross between a lemon meringue and lemon sorbet. You can drink the whole bottle mixed and not get hungover. Beautifully lovely and refreshing drink." Rated an average of 4.3 stars out of 5.

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