Aldi gin: Everything you need to know about Aldi’s gin range

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  • The Aldi gin range just got even more exciting! The supermarket are launching a gingerbread gin liqueur and it sounds like the perfect tipple for Christmas… 

    We’re already fans of their award-winning wines and some of their other cheap booze options, and now it looks like we’ll be adding even more incredible gins to the list as the supermarket have released another gin to satisfy the country’s thirst and love of ‘mother’s ruin’!

    In the 12 months up to March 2018 55 million bottles of gin were sold and the spirit continues to rocket in popularity.

    Aldi sell 5,000 bottles of gin an hour – that’s 12,500 a day!

    Aldi Gin: Christmas spirits

    Aldi Gingerbread gin Liqueur, £9.99

    aldi gin

    This is the perfect tipple for Christmas… If you can’t wait until December you’ll be pleased to hear that this gin launches in store and online from 1 October! The liqueur has warming notes of ginger, cinnamon, vanilla and orange  and is best enjoyed with a splash of tonic water or simply served neat over ice.


    The Gin Festival Range

    The Aldi Gin Festival range saw the launch of 10 new gins at Aldi and some of them are still available. It’s was a seasonal offer and as with all of Aldi’s special buys, once they’re gone, they’re gone!

    The gins vary from premium, craft and small batch but they are still very good value and many would make lovely gifts for you gin-loving friends.

    Aldi’s Passionfruit Gin Liqueur proved so popular that it sold out in two days! Thankfully Aldi have confirmed that thePassionfruit Gin Liqueur  and the Oliver Cromwell Pink Gin are set to return this autumn. They’ll also be available in stores and online from 1 October.

    The Infusionist Passionfruit Gin Liqueur, £9.99, 50cl

    aldi gin The Infusionist Passionfruit Gin Liqueur, £9.99, 50cl

    This fruity liqueur would be great mixed with your Prosecco or Cava – classy cocktails at home made easy!

    Oliver Cromwell Pink Gin, £10.99, 70cl

    aldi gin Oliver Cromwell Pink Gin, £10.99, 70cl

    If you already love the original Oliver Cromwell gin, why not switch it up for a bottle of this on-trend pink spirit? Aldi describe it as having ‘ distinctive sweetness on the palate and lifted notes of ripe squashed strawberries, redcurrants, raspberries, violets and plums.’ They recommend you drink it neat over ice, with tonic or as part of a cocktail topped up with Prosecco and lemonade.

    58 Gin, £24.99, 70cl

    aldi gin 58 Gin (£24,99, 70cl)

    This gin is named after its Australian distiller. The spirit was created after the Australian moved to London, Hackney to an address with the door number 58. It has nine carefully selected botanicals which include juniper, coriander seed and Cubeb Peppers.

    Colombo No.7 Gin, £19.99, 70cl

    aldi gin Colombo No.7 Gin (£19.99, 70cl)

    This gin comes from Sri Lanka and is based on a 70-year-old recipe which was first used in the Second World War.

    Beckett’s London Dry Gin, £24.99, 70cl

    aldi gin Beckett's London Dry Gin, £24.99, 70cl

    The juniper berries in this gin were handpicked from Box Hill in Surrey. It also boasts Moroccan lime, Spanish sweet orange peel and locally sourced mint to create a unique, distinctive flavour with what Aldi describe as a delightfully long, smooth finish!

    Boyle’s Craft Irish Gin, £19.99, 70cl

    aldi gin Boyle’s Craft Irish Gin (£19.99, 70cl)

    This unique gin is distilled with a delicious blend of blackcurrants from Wexford, apples from Waterford and elderflower from Cork.

    McQueen Sweet Citrus Gin, £19.99, 50cl

    aldi gin McQueen Sweet Citrus Gin, £19.99, 50cl

    This gin is full of citrus flavours as well as light floral notes and a subtle hint of creamy vanilla. Unfortunately it isn’t available in Scotland.

    Harrison’s Cucumber Gin, £15.99, 70cl

    aldi gin Harrison's Cucumber Gin, £15.99, 70cl

    This bottles looks very similar to another popular gin brand that carries a much higher price tag. It boasts distinct aromas of orange and spice with a sweet citrus finish.

    London Dry Gin Selection and Flavoured Gin Selection, £7.99, 4 x 5cl, each

    If you want to recreate your own tasting session these little kits are perfect! The London Dry kit includes a 5cl bottle of Tanqueray London Dry Gin, JJ Whitley, Col Rickey and Brokers. The flavoured set includes: Gordon’s Pink Gin, JJ Whitley Elderflower, Greenwalls Wild Berry Gin and Edinburgh Gin Rhubarb and Ginger Liqueur.

    So you’ve got the chance to try some of Aldi’s best in-house gins and some big brand names too, all for very reasonable prices. Which will you be heading out to buy?

    Aldi Gin: The core range of gins from Aldi

    Oliver Cromwell London Dry Gin £9.99, 70cl

    aldi gin Oliver Cromwell London Dry Gin (£9.99)

    This award-winning Aldi gin, has received the gold medal at the International Wine & Spirits Competition several times, beating competitors that cost six times more. It is the cheapest of Aldi’s gin offering and is described as being ‘light, with a touch of juniper’ with a ‘clear, crisp and complex flavour’.

    This gin is so popular that Aldi now sell 12,000 bottles of the stuff every day making it one of the supermarkets most popular spirits!

    Topaz Blue Premium Gin – £13.99 (70cl)

    aldi gin Topaz Premium Blue Gin

    For the first time Aldi submitted the Topaz Blue gin into the Spirits Business Gin Masters  for 2018 and it picked up a prestigious gold medal, beating rivals which cost more than double the price!

    It was also awarded the silver medal at the 2017 International Wine & Spirits Competition. It’s described as being an ‘elegant’ drink with a ‘balanced mix of wild botanicals and fruits with a touch of citrus and juniper’. Aldi suggest serving with frozen berries for a sophisticated twist…

    These gins are available all year round from stores across the UK

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