Quality Street launches first all-new product in nearly 85 years

Quality Street launches first new product 85 years truffles

Quality Street is a must-have every festive season.

But fast-forward into the New Year and you rarely come across that iconic purple tub.

Sure, they still have their chocolate boxes on sale and we’re sure there will be a signature purple Easter Egg out there somewhere, but there’s not much when it comes to Quality Street that comes in the form of normal everyday, all-year-round chocolates.

Until now.

The legendary chocolate brand is now launching their first all-new products in nearly 85 years.

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While we have had new drops in more recent years, like the big Purple One and giant Green Triangle, and there have been a few changes when it comes to the chocolates included in the mixed tub, there has not been a totally new standalone product for quite some time.

Well now, get ready for Quality Street Intrigue.

All the best chocolates have to be made into truffles at some time or another (Maltesers and Galaxy to name a few), and now Quality Street have joined the party.

Their new truffle collection contains three gorgeous flavours, sweet Salted Caramel, tangy Orange and indulgent Praline.

Quality Street launches first new product 85 years truffles

Credit: Quality Street

‘Salted Caramel Truffles put the perfect spin on the iconic Mackintosh caramel toffee,’ explains the brand.

‘This new flavour is sure to be a firm favourite, with a silky-smooth chocolate centre and a milk chocolate coating, dipped in crunchy salted caramel chunks’.

About the orange truffle, they added, ‘Orange Truffles are bursting full of a tantalising citrus flavour.

Quality Street launches first new product 85 years truffles

Credit: Quality Street

‘Inspired by the iconic Orange Cream from the QUALITY STREET® tin, this beautifully blended orange truffle is wrapped in a milk chocolate coating and sprinkled with dried orange segments’.

They also revealed that the praline were inspired by, not one, but two Quality Street sweets, writing, ‘Praline Truffles combine flavours from two of the nation’s favourite original QUALITY STREET® sweets; The Green Triangle and The Purple One.

Quality Street launches first new product 85 years truffles

Credit: Quality Street

‘Discover a smooth praline truffle centre encased in a milk chocolate shell and sprinkled with caramelised hazelnut pieces’.

All three truffle flavours are available now in Asda stores across the country and will be being sold in Morrisons supermarkets from 2nd March.

And the best part? They’re only £5 per box so you can give all three of them a try…

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