The best cheap Easter eggs to buy for £5 and under

All your favourite brands at these amazing prices...
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  • Cheap Easter eggs no longer mean a compromise on quality, with many of our favourite brands selling eggs at egg-cellent prices this year.

    While the best Easter gifts for kids have come on leaps and bounds in recent years – we still can’t resist looking out for the best kids’ Easter eggs. Our top picks include classics from Cadbury, Nestle and Thorntons, which are all under £1, £3 or £5. On the list you’ll find our top pick for the best vegan Easter egg.

    These are a great choice if you have several kids to buy for, or you’re hosting an Easter egg hunt party.  So if you’re after the traditional Easter treat that won’t break the bank, consider one of our 21 cheap Easter eggs…

    Best cheap Easter eggs for under £1

    These Easter Eggs are a real steal for the price…

    Cadbury Chocolate Mini Eggs Medium Easter Egg

    A medium milk chocolate Cadbury egg and a bag of mini eggs next to the Cadbury's Mini Eggs Easter egg packaging.

    Credit: Morrisons

    What kid or adult can refuse Cadbury Mini Eggs at Easter? This medium sized milk chocolate egg comes with a bag of Mini Eggs – which we’re sure you’ll agree is value indeed.

    Buy now: £1 from Tesco

    Aero Bubbles Milk Chocolate Easter Egg 121G

    An Aero bubbles chocolate Easter egg 2021

    Credit: Tesco

    The addictively-good Aero Bubbles are also available in egg form! Complete with some surprise aero bubbles inside. Pick one up soon as they’re sure to sell out.

    Buy now: £1 from Tesco

    Kinnerton Paddington Egg & Bar 60g

    Kinnerton's Paddington Bear chocolate egg and chocolate bar as seen on the blue and yellow box

    Credit: Morrisons

    This Paddington Bear Easter egg and bar from Kinnerton is the perfect chocolate treat for kids this Easter.

    Buy now: 99p from Morrisons

    Cadbury Chocolate Creme Egg Easter Egg

    Cadbury's Creme Egg Easter Egg

    Credit: Morrisons

    Love them or loathe them, Cadbury have delivered a great value Creme Egg Easter egg which features one Creme Egg and a medium milk chocolate one too.

    Buy now: £1 from Morrisons

    Mars Milk Chocolate Easter Egg & Chocolate 141G

    A Mars bar next to the box of a Mars milk chocolate Easter egg. This is one our cheap Easter eggs for 2021.

    Credit: Tesco

    This Mars Milk Chocolate Egg with Mars chocolate bar is sure to be swallowed up in one sitting.

    Buy now: £1 from Tesco

    Milkybar white chocolate egg

    The Milkybar white chocolate Easter egg

    Credit: Tesco

    This delicious white chocolate egg is great for those looking for a cheap treat – especially if you love a classic Milkybar!

    Buy now: £1 from Tesco


    Best cheap Easter eggs for under £3

    Upping your budget ever-so-slightly promises more treats for your money…


    Galaxy Minstrels Easter Egg & Chocolate 262G

    The Galaxy Minstrels set comes with a galaxy chocolate egg, plus two packets of chocolate minstrels.

    Credit: Tesco

    Galaxy’s silky smooth chocolate is like nothing else and now there’s an excuse to buy even more of it! Get this Easter egg plus two delicious packs of Minstrels for just £3.

    Buy now: £3 from Tesco

    Moo Free Original Easter Egg 80g

    The Moo Free original easter egg

    Credit: Ocado

    Family members with food tolerances shouldn’t miss out on the chocolate fun this Easter. This Moo Free egg is Dairy Free, Gluten Free and Vegan and comes in at under £3!

    Buy now: £2.99 at Ocado or in store at Lidl

    Nestle Smarties Chocolate Egg 256G

    Nestle's milk chocolate Smarties Easter egg set

    Credit: Tesco

    Who can resist not one but two tube of Smarties and a tasty Nestle chocolate egg? Not us!

    Buy now: £3 from Tesco

    Fry’s Turkish Delight Chocolate Easter Egg 161g

    One of our cheap Easter eggs is Fry's Turkish Delight easter egg 2021

    Credit: Ocado

    This milk chocolate egg and Turkish Delight bar bundle is sure to make any grandparent smile.

    Buy now: £3 from Ocado

    Dairyfine Easter Eggs

    Three milk chocolate Easter eggs and one white chocolate Easter egg available from Aldi this Easter 2021

    Credit: Aldi

    You definitely won’t find an Easter egg like these, at this price! These unique and delicious-looking Easter eggs come in flavours like Eton Mess, Popping Candy, Billionaire’s or Cookies and Cream. We couldn’t think of a better Easter dessert after our Easter lunch.

    Buy now: £2.79 each in store at Aldi 

    Ferrero Hazelnut Eggs

    Cheap Easter egg - A bag of Ferrero's mini hazelnut chocolate Easter eggs

    Credit: Ocado

    These luxury chocolates are a gifting favourite all year around, so these mini Easter egg versions have to be one of our top picks for adults. They even come individually wrapped – just in case you want to try and make them last…

    Buy now: £2 from Ocado

    Best cheap Easter eggs for under £4

    If you’re looking for larger eggs at a budget-friendly price consider these…


    Thornton’s Milk Chocolate Unicorn Easter Egg

    A milk chocolate Thorntons egg with a white chocolate unicorn seen from the box

    Credit: Morrisons

    This creamy milk chocolate Thornton’s Easter egg is going for a great price at Morrisons. Complete with a gorgeous pink and white chocolate unicorn on the front, it’s a tasty and special treat for a little one who loves the magic of unicorns!

    Buy now: £4 from Morrisons

    Terry’s Chocolate Orange Easter Egg

    Terry's Chocolate Orange Easter egg and bars for Easter 2021

    Credit: Tesco

    Every Christmas time calls for a Terry’s Chocolate Orange hidden at the bottom of our stockings. But once the New Year hits we usually have to wait another 11 months until it’s acceptable to munch on this creamy citrus-flavoured chocolate. So this Easter egg is like a gift from heaven.

    Buy now: £3 from Tesco

    Cadbury White With Oreo Easter Egg 220G

    Cadbury's white chocolate and Oreo Easter egg is one of our cheap Easter eggs for 2021

    Credit: Tesco

    We dare you to find a more delicious white chocolate egg! This Cadbury white chocolate Easter egg has crunchy Oreo biscuit pieces and is a real taste experience.

    Buy now: £3 from Tesco

    Maltesers Teasers Large Egg 248g

    Malteser Teasers easter egg with two teasers bar is available for Easter 2021.

    Credit: Ocado

    Maltesers aren’t teasing us with this price – we promise! Get your hands on this hollow milk chocolate egg and two tasty teasers bars. Hats off to anyone who finishes this in one sitting!

    Buy now: £4 from Ocado




    Best cheap Easter eggs for £5 or under

    Luxury Easter eggs don’t have to break the bank, as evidenced by these indulgent chocolate treats…

    M&S Gin & Tonic Milk Chocolate Egg 230g

    Marks and Spencer Gin and Ton-egg chocolate Easter egg is one cheap easter egg this Easter.

    Credit: Ocado

    Marks and Spencer’s Gin and Tonic Easter Egg hit headlines this month for combining our favourite tipple with our favourite thing – chocolate! It’s also priced at a reasonable £5. Be sure to add this to your basket pronto!

    Buy now: £5 from Ocado


    Moser Roth Ripple Eggs

    Three cheap Easter eggs by Moser Roth at Aldi. One white chocolate and raspberry, one milk chocolate and caramel and one dark chocolate and orange.

    Credit: Aldi

    Aldi have delivered some luxury with these delicate Moser Roth Ripple eggs. Available in three mouth-watering flavours: 70% Dark Chocolate & Orange, Belgian Milk Chocolate and Crunchy Salted Caramel, and Belgian White Chocolate and Forrest Fruits.

    Buy now: £3.99 each in store at Aldi


    M&Ms Eggs Chocolate Easter Egg Bundle, Extra Large 313g

    One of our Cheap Easter eggs is the M&M's mini egg Easter collection

    Credit: Amazon

    The ultimate Easter egg for any M&M’s fan. This bundle includes three packs of M&M’s mini eggs AND a hollow chocolate egg.

    Buy now: £5 from Amazon


    Thorntons Milk Chocolate Dinosaur Egg

    Thorntons chocolate dinosaur Easter egg is one of our cheap Easter eggs from Morrisons.

    Credit: Morrisons

    This Easter egg is sure to be a roar-ing success for kids who love dinosaurs. A quality egg from a chocolatier you can trust.

    Buy now: £4 from Morrisons


    Celebrations Easter Chocolate Large Egg 248g

    A box showing Celebrations milk chocolate Easter egg and miniature sweets for Easter 2021

    Credit: Morrisons

    An appropriately large egg for an extra-special celebration. This egg also contains a selection of your favourite mini chocolates – fabulous!

    Buy now: £4 from Morrisons