The cheapest supermarket Christmas cheeseboard has been revealed

Cheapest cheese? Yes please....
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  • Which? has crowned Aldi the cheapest supermarket when it comes to buying a festive cheeseboard this Christmas.

    Aside from choosing the best Christmas food hamper and the best chocolate selection boxes for the festive season, Christmas shoppers are always on the look out for a cheeseboard to satisfy their festive tastebuds.

    The low-cost supermarket chain has fought off stiff competition from a variety of supermarkets  – including Morrisons, Waitrose, Aldi, M&S, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Tesco – and the consumer group has ranked Aldi as the best for the cheapest cheeseboard for 2020.

    For the research Which? asked its members what cheeses they thought a cheeseboard should contain and the following came out on top; Cheddar, stilton and brie came out on top followed by Camembert and cheeses containing fruit such as Wensleydale with cranberry.

    And when it comes to the selection packs containing the individual cheeses, Aldi was found to have the cheapest on offer.

    The survey showed that most shoppers were prepared to spend more than £10 on their cheeseboards – with 3/4 having admitted they would even spend more than £11.

    Lidl wasn’t included in the test because Which? couldn’t find a comparable one.

    The cheapest cheeseboard went to Aldi this year with it costing just £3.69 per pack.


    The Aldi Emporium Christmas Cheese Selection includes brie, cheddar, Red Leicester, stilton and Wensleydale with cranberry.

    In second place, Tesco ranked for its Five Cheese Selection costing just £5.

    Sainsbury’s Favourite Cheese Selection also costs £5 with the same selection of cheeses as Aldi and Tesco.

    Asda was also joint second with Tesco and Sainsbury’s with theirs also including brie, cheddar, Red Leicester, stilton and Wensleydale with cranberry.

    But if it’s more cheese you’re after for your money then M&S Cheese Board Favourites is priced at £6 although this is a slighter heavier pack with it at 530g compared to Aldi’s 430g board.

    Or if presentation is key, then Morrisons Festive Cheeseboard was also £6 but theirs came with a wooden board to present the cheeses on. The supermarket’s selection also included a Bleu D’Auvergne and a smoked cheddar.

    The priciest cheeseboard in the study is Waitrose with their Cheeseboard Favourites but theirs consisted of another type of cheese – goat’s cheese.

    Spoilt for choice? Don’t worry, Brie happy!