This supermarket has been named the cheapest in the UK for 2020

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If you're looking to save money on your grocery shopping, Aldi has been crowned the cheapest supermarket for 2020.

Independent research from The Grocer has revealed that Aldi is the cheapest supermarket on average.

Their research showed that the Big Four supermarkets are, on average, £6.90 (or nearly 17 per cent) more expensive than Aldi on a basket of 33 everyday grocery items while its most expensive rival, Sainsbury’s, is £9.97 (over 24 per cent) more expensive.

It added that on average people are £6.35 (or 15.5 per cent) worse off shopping at Tesco than at Aldi.

The budget supermarket was crowned cheapest for everyday products such as milk, bananas, pasta and chicken breasts.

The Grocer's research came from its independent price comparison survey, ensuring there was no bias.

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Responding to the findings, Aldi revealed they are proud to offer "significant savings" to customers.

Julie Ashfield, Managing Director of Buying said, “It’s simple, Aldi is and will always be the UK’s lowest-priced supermarket.

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“That is why millions of Brits continue to choose Aldi for their regular, weekly shop – they know that no one else offers the same quality products at the prices we do.

She added, “When some family budgets are becoming stretched, shoppers know that they don’t need to compromise on taste to make significant savings.”

Aldi is on track to hit its target of having 1,200 stores across the UK by 2025, so there'll be plenty more popping up soon.

So if you're keen to grab a bargain, why not head to Aldi to see what you can find?

If you fancy a tipple, we've put together a list of the award-winning wines to buy at Aldi.

Or, if you're after affordable school uniform, check out their £4 school uniform deal. It's even cheaper than last year!

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