Lowest fat burger now available in Marks & Spencer - and it's syn free!


When you’re trying to watch your weight or keep an eye on your health, summer BBQs can be a minefield.

What with the calorie-laden meaty treats and fat filled side dishes, it’s easy to scupper your healthy eating streak with just one paper plate of food.

Of course, one indulgent day of al fresco munching on flame grilled deliciousness won’t do too much harm to your diet plan, but if your calendar is jam packed with BBQ dates, then it can get a bit tricky to stay on track.

But there is some good news. The UK’s least fatty burger has been revealed and it’s available at Marks and Spencer.

The Skinny Beef Burger is lean, meaty and a win for those following Slimming World too, as these delicious patties are ‘syn’ free!

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Made from 100 per cent lean steak, the M&S burgers contain 2.4g of fat per 100g – the lowest fat content of any other burger in any of the UK supermarkets.

It even contains less fat that Slimming World’s very own Iceland ‘syn’ free beef quarter pounders, which have 5.2g of fat per 100g.

Meanwhile, Tesco’s Finest steak burgers have 11.7g of fat per 100g and Asda’s beef burgers contain 13g of fat per 100g.

Higher end shopping option Waitrose’s also has the highest fat content on the burger market, with 20.90g per 100g.

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Obviously, it goes without saying that M&S’s burger offering is the best pick if you’re on a major fat avoiding mission.

Luckily, they’re not too pricey either. They come in a pack of four for just £4- and if you want to stock up, you can grab three packs for a tenner as part of Marks’ latest BBQ food deal.

We know where we’re heading next time we get a barbie invite!

Caitlin Elliott
Junior News Editor

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