Iceland is FINALLY bringing back Slimming World chips that count as a free food

Iceland Slimming World chips
(Image credit: Iceland)

Iceland is finally bringing back the Slimming World chips that count as a free food - and we can't wait!

When you go on a diet one of the most difficult parts is not being able to fill up on your favourite indulgent foods.

Even on a programme like Slimming World where the food options are endless and you can even eat a certain amount of cheat food everyday, you still do feel the pinch when it comes to comfort food (chips, chocolate and cheese to name a few).

Our prayers were answered when Slimming World launched a product that can turn every one of your meals into delicious comfort food - Slimming World Chunky Chips, which contain less than five per cent of the amount of fat that market-leading Mccain’s Chunky Home Chips do.

They were first launched in January as a limited-edition products, but now they're coming back due to popular demand!

Exclusively stocked by Iceland, the chunky chips have only 0.3g fat per 100g oven baked chips - compared to McCain’s 3.6g fat per 100g oven baked - which makes them a lot more diet-friendly than the ones you might usually add to your shopping trolley.

And the best news? While, up until now, you may have been using up most of your day’s ‘syns’ by adding a handful of chips to you evening meal, Slimming World’s version is completely ‘syn’-free!

Iceland Slimming World chips

Credit: Iceland

This is because, unlike most other frozen oven chips that are fried before freezing, these fluffy delights are the first supermarket oven chips that are grilled instead – meaning they contain less fat because they use less oil.

Pop them in the oven for 20 minutes and you’ll have a comforting and nearly fat-free side for your favourite dishes.

Save yourself time and effort on midweek dinners and swap in the ‘syn’-free oven chips in these Burger and Chips and Fish and Chips recipes or add them to these Hot Dogs and Pulled Pork sandwich recipes.

You can get the chunky chips in Iceland stores and on their website from tomorrow (31st July) for only £2.25 for a 1kg bag.

There's no telling how long the Slimming World oven chips will only be available for, so you’ll have to be quick!

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