Tesco launches vegan sausage roll – and they’re cheaper than Greggs

Tesco launches vegan sausage roll

Tesco is now selling freshly baked vegan sausage rolls, and at just 75p they’re cheaper than Greggs.

Everyone loves a good sausage roll, vegans included – and at just 75p, we are excited to get our hands on this meat free tasty snack.

Following on from Greggs launch of a vegan sausage roll (opens in new tab) in January, Tesco have announced they are launching their very own freshly baked version of the pastry treat.

You will be glad to hear this new vegan sausage roll is flying off the bakery shelves in 624 Tesco supermarkets.

Tesco describes their new pastry delight a ‘puff pastry filled with a soy-based Lincolnshire style sausage, seasoned with sage and onion’.

Tempted? We are. The meat free sausage roll battle between Tesco and Greggs is now on.

Although we are yet to know if the pasty package lives up to high-street famous Greggs version, that keeps selling out, Tesco’s price is certainly better at only 75p compared to Gregg’s £1 rolls.

Greggs vegan sausage roll

Credit: Greggs

The news was supposed to be kept a secret until a Tesco employee spilled the beans last week on hotukdeals. (opens in new tab)

Fans of the new bakery treat have taken to social media to show their excitement.

One said: ‘I think this is the cheapest pre cooked, convenience sausage roll so far at 75p. Plus, at least where I live, there’s a thousand @Tesco so convenience is certainly the word! Very excited.’

Another added: ‘Yay, Yum! I’m not a vegan, but delighted to see vegan sausage roll No2 launched....this time by Tesco. I do use soya milk though, and soya margarine, and we do regularly have non-meat meals, alongside the meat stuff. So ANYONE can reduce their meat intake. There is no excuse.’

You better be quick, because if they are anything like Gregg’s version, Tesco’s vegan rolls will be flying off the shelves too.

If you miss out, heads to the frozen food aisle as Tesco is also selling 30-vegan mini frozen rolls for just £1.75 – absolute bargain.

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Everyone loves a bit of healthy competition. Let us know your verdict?