When does McDonald’s Monopoly 2021 start?

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  • McDonald's Monopoly is back for 2021 - but when does it start?

    If you’re still sad about McDonald’s axing five of its beloved items from the menu, then fear not, there is reason to smile.

    And we’re not just talking about Aldi launching a bargain McDonald’s range that looks almost identical to the real deal.

    McDonald’s Monopoly is back for a surprise second time this year – after its usual March run, the fast-food chain confirmed that the popular prize-giving sticker collection giveaway was making a return.

    McDonald’s Monopoly 2021 – when does it start?

    McDonald’s Monopoly 2021 is set to start again this summer. The restaurant chain announced on its Twitter account back in March that MacDonald’s Monopoly is returning in summer 2021.

    And individual branches have been building the excitement around the impending launch by teasing its return on social media earlier this month.

    McDonald’s at Hunts Cross tweeted, Who else is excited??? #mcdonalds #monopoly #mcdonaldsuk #mcdonaldsmonopoly #maccies’

    What are the McDonald’s Monopoly prizes?

    The McDonald’s Monopoly prizes range from cash prizes and vouchers to technology and McDonald’s menu items. Among the prizes that have been up for grabs so far this year include; ÂŁ100,000 cash, ÂŁ10,000 cash, Mini Coopers, ÂŁ2,000 to spend on a holiday, PS4 Pro, Experience vouchers, Shopping vouchers, Mobile Phones plus much more.

    And not forgetting the thousands of instant win items like the Big Mac, six chicken nuggets, ice cream cone, hash brown, sausage, and egg McMuffin to name but a tasty few.

    McDonald's Monopoly

    How do you claim McDonald’s prizes?

    If it’s an instant win, just take your winning ticket to the counter and claim – they will hand you your prize on the spot. For other games, you must go online to register your wins and follow the individual instructions for your game of choice.

    McDonald's Monopoly 2021

    How do you play McDonald’s Monopoly?

    To play the game, buy qualifying food items at McDonald’s and collect the game pieces that come with them. There are 3 different kinds of game pieces—Instant Win, Play Online, and Property Sets—so follow the instructions printed on them carefully to claim your prizes!

    Among the food items, you need to purchase in order to collect a sticker from its packaging are

    • Chicken Selects 3 or 5 Pieces
    • Chicken Legend
    • Chicken Big Tasty
    • Big Tasty with or without Bacon
    • Medium or Large Fizzy Drink
    • Regular or Large Iced FrappĂ©/Iced Fruit Smoothie
    • Medium or Large Fries
    • Mozzarella Dippers
    • McFlurry