Wine shortage in Europe will see less bottles produced per year

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  • According to the experts, Europe has hit a 36-year gape harvest low, and so some of our favourite wines could soon be disappearing from the supermarket shelves.

    Just like the global Prosecco shortage warning, this is not the news we wanted to hear with the festive season looming right around the corner.

    Apparently there’s a shortage of wine in Europe, with major vino producing countries such as France and Spain affected – meaning some of your favourite brands and bottles of wine could be disappearing from supermarket shelves soon.

    According to the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV), Italy is the hardest hit by the shortage, and is expected to produce 23% less wine this year than in previous years. France is producing 19% less and neighbouring country Spain’s production is down by 15% too.

    Some of your favourite wines could be disappearing from the supermarket shelves

    The lack of wine is due to a 36-year grape harvest low which could see global wine production fall by 246,7 million hectolitres a year – which is the equivalent of about 133 bottles of wine.

    With fewer bottles being produced, this in theory could increase the price of wine on supermarket shelves. We better get the best cheap wine buys in the supermarkets now then!

    One of the main regions affected is Bordeaux in France, which is famous for its rich red grapes. This could mean saying goodbye to some delicious Merlots and glasses of Cabernet Sauvignon that are produced in the region.

    Another region badly affected by the drought is Champagne. So yes, sadly that could mean bidding bye bye to bubbles too!

    Luckily countries such as Argentina haven’t been affected, and Portugal has also been left off the list. So this should mean that a glass of red with the Christmas dinner washed down with some Port wine should still be possible this Christmas. Phew!