How to destone an avocado

How to destone an avocado
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Watch how easy it is to destone an avocado (opens in new tab) with our simple how to destone an avocado video and step-by-step method. If you're looking for the best way to prepare your avocado, waste and mess-free, this is it.

If you're an avocado fan like us, you'll want to make the most out of your avocado and this is one way of doing it. It really doesn't take much to prepare this little green fruit and it can be ready to add to salads or sandwiches in a matter of minutes.

What is an avocado? For those of you who are not familiar with this pear-shaped fruit, an avocado is a rich and creamy food with leathery skin and smooth, oily flesh. They’re best eaten ripe – so not too soft but soft enough to scoop out of the skin easily like this technique will show you.

Avocados are grown on trees native to Central America and over the past few years have become a very popular food over in the UK. You can make lots with avocado including simple dishes like avocado on toast, creamy guacamole (opens in new tab), all the way to avocado fritters.

This simple step-by-step method shows you how easy it is the prepare this fruit and how to make the most of the flesh without any mess or waste.


  • 1x ripe avocado

Step 1

Turn the avocado on its side. Place one hand firmly on top and the other holding the knife. Gently push the knife into the skin of the avocado. You will feel the stone in the centre, so move the knife around this.

Step 2

Twist each half of the avocado in opposite directions. Pull apart to reveal the flesh and stone.

Step 3

Take the half with the stone and hold in a tea towel. Carefully tap the centre of the stone with your knife and twist. Pull the knife up and out removing the stone.

Step 4

To remove the flesh, use a tablespoon. Slide the tablespoon between the flesh and the skin and work around the avocado to loosen the flesh.

Step 5

How to destone an avocado

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Once you're removed the flesh from one half, repeat with the other. Chop it up however you like. Your avocado is now ready to be served.