Jessica Dady

Senior Content Editor

I’m currently Senior Content Editor at Goodtoknow.

I first started with the Goodtoknow team back in 2012 working on all things food and recipes.

Over the years I have been working closely on Goodtoknow’s search visibility across the site, I’ve had the privilege of working with the food team to produce new and exciting recipes for Goodtoknow, helping to create how-to videos (my hands are now famous!) as well as sourcing new recipes from some of your favourite celebrity chefs including Mary Berry, Hairy Bikers and even some outlandish Emoji recipes too!

After leaving the team in 2017 to go on maternity leave to have my first child (a beautiful little boy!) I joined the team once again earlier this year and with my new Mum knowledge and search expertise I am now working across the site on all things family, food and Goodtoknow.

In my spare time (basically when my toddler is sleeping!) I like to bake treats for my friends and family – be it simple chocolate chip cookies or a classic lemon drizzle cake.

I’ve also expanded my love of baking to make things for my toddler too – from lots of homemade finger foods like muffins, homemade pizza (with a 2-ingredient yogurt base) and fish cakes to name a few. Am I the only parent that actually enjoyed the weaning stage of babyhood? I just loved getting creative making all sorts of healthy combos for my son to love or outright reject.

And don’t even get me started on toddler arts and crafts! He already loves drawing and scribbling but sticking leaves down to make an autumnal wreath or building a garage for his cars out of cardboard. Well, that was a big fat ‘NO MUMMY’.

Mum life, ey?

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