Princess cupcakes
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These princess cupcakes are much easier to make than you may think made with Rice Krispie treats and ice cream cones.

Perfect for kids’ themed birthday parties or as an impressive food gift, these princess cupcakes can be made ahead of time. The princess castle cake topper is made with Rice Krispie treats, the princess hat is made with an ice cream cone and the mirror is made purely from fondant.

How to make princess cupcakes


  • 4 Rice Krispie treat bars
  • 100g dark pink modeling paste
  • 10g light purple modeling paste
  • 10g white modeling paste
  • 20g grey modeling paste
  • 5g green modeling paste
  • 50g white ready-to-roll fondant
  • 4 ice cream cones
  • Sugar pearl sprinkles
  • Edible silver leaf/silver paint
  • 2mm gold sugar balls

Princess cupcakes: Step 1

Cut 8x 30mm circles out of the Rice Krispie treats. Stick 2 circles together and repeat to create 4 towers.

Princess cupcakes: Step 2

Roll the white fondant and emboss with the brick embosser. If you don’t have an embosser you can use a knife or pizza cutter to make the pattern. Cut to size, brush the back of the fondant with water and stick around the Rice Krispie treat towers.

Princess cupcakes: Step 3

Roll out the pink modelling paste and cut 4 strips and cut small squares from the top of the strip.

Princess cupcakes: Step 4

Princess cupcakes

Stick around the tops of the towers with a little water. Cut 4x 30mm circles from the pink paste to cover the top of the towers.

Princess cupcakes: Step 5

Using an oval cutter, cut an oval from the pink paste and trim and emboss to make a door. Add a gold sugar ball for the handle and stick the door to the castle with a brush of water. For the windows, cut small rectangles and stick them on with a brush of water.

Princess cupcakes: Step 6

For the ivy, roll the green paste into thin sausage shapes and stick on with a brush of water. Cut small blossom flowers from the pink and purple paste and add a gold sugar ball for the centre. Stick the blossom flowers around the ivy with a brush of water.

Roll the grey modelling paste out to 1/6 of an inch thick and cut 4x 38mm circles. Stick the castles onto the grey circles with a brush of water and pop a paper flag in the top to finish them off.

Princess cupcakes: Step 7

Trim the bottom off the ice cream cones. Roll the pink modelling paste, brush the back of the paste with a touch of water and wrap the paste around the ice cream cones, tucking the remainder up in to the cone. Stick 3 blossom flowers onto the hat with a brush of water. Roll the white modelling paste out quite thinly and cut a thin strip. Stick to the top of the hat, twisting the strip after you glued the top. Repeat with the pink and purple strips.

Princess cupcakes: Step 8

Princess cupcakes

Roll the remainder of the pink paste cut 4 larger scalloped ovals and then using the plain side of the smaller oval cutter, cut the centres out.

Princess cupcakes: Step 9

Cut 4 smaller scalloped ovals from the white paste and cover with edible silver leaf or paint with edible silver paint. Stick the pint border around the silver oval.

Princess cupcakes: Step 10

Stick the edible pearls around the scalloped edge with a dot of water.

Princess cupcakes: Step 11

Princess cupcakes

Cut a handle shape and emboss with an embossing stick, then stick to the back of the mirror and leave to dry on greaseproof paper.

Princess cupcakes: Step 12

Make up a batch of our basic cupcakes and allow to cool.

Whip up our classic vanilla buttercream and either pipe a swirl onto the cakes or spread a layer with a palette knife.

Princess cupcakes: Step 13

Princess cupcakes

(Image credit: Future)

When all the toppers have set (leave for an hour or so) add them to the tops of the iced cupcakes.

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