Bride slammed for asking grandfather to increase her wedding dress budget

You only get hitched once, so why not splash out - especially if it’s at someone else’s expense. Right? Wrong, according to the reaction to one budding bride’s post, after she queried whether it was ‘slimy’ to ask her grandpa to up his $4,000 budget, so she could get two dresses she was ‘obsessed’ with.

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A woman has been criticised by Reddit users after asking her grandfather to increase her wedding dress budget.

The bride came under fire after she asked whether it was ‘slimy’ to ask her grandpa to up his generous $4,000 gift, so she could get two wedding dresses she was ‘obsessed’ with.

She laid out her dilemma on internet forum, Reddit, explaining her doting grandpa was not only paying for her entire wedding, but also offered to cough up an additional $4,000 for dresses.

She had budgeted this for two dresses, one for the ceremony itself and another for the reception after.

However, after falling for a wedding dress that cost $3,650, she hit another stumbling block when the reception dress she’d fallen for came in at $2,210. 

The dreaded dilemma? ‘Slimy’ as it made her feel, should she ask her grandpa for the additional $1,440, so she could get the dress she’d been ‘obsessed with for 6 months’, or look for something similar, and cheaper?

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From the backlash and swift removal of her post, it became clear that Reddit readers didn’t approve of the woman asking her grandpa for even more money. Rather than validate her quandary, they slammed it...

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One user wrote, 'I love that she needed someone to tell her than option is just... paying for it herself...Parents and grandparents can spend their money however that want and if grandpa wants to buy her 18 dresses than whatever. But if she feels weird about it then simply don’t ask grandpa and use your own money???'

Another added, 'It’s understandable that some people get frustrated when others flaunt their privilege, though.... She didn’t want advice, she wanted validation in her pre-made decision to ask her grandpa for more money. It basically came off as a humble brag that she was in this predicament in the first place since she refused all the advice that wasn’t "ask grandpa for more money".'

While the budding bride found the idea of paying the difference a ‘helpful’ suggestion, she branded her online haters ‘extremely jealous’, and swiftly removed the post.