Mum bans grandmother from babysitting after she refuses to follow her rules

Grandmother banned from babysitting duties
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A woman has banned her mum from babysitting her kids after she refused to stick to her rule, and has taken to Reddit to share her frustrations.

A woman has banned her mum from babysitting her children after she refused to stick to her rules.

Anonymously posting about the conundrum, she took to sub Reddit AITA (Am I the a-hole?), explaining the reason for her decision and awaiting the verdict.

In the post, the mum-of-one (with another little one on the way) described her difficult childhood and relationship with her own mother, which led to mental health issues in adulthood.

Despite everything, she hasn’t denied her 10-month-old daughter a relationship with her grandmother, and in fact, the two are very close.

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Her post explained the situation, I put my past issues with my mother aside, as I want my daughter to have a good relationship with her grandparents and they do nothing but love and care for her.'

But as she put her past issues aside, the anonymous talks about facing new ones caused by her mother not sticking to her rules for her daughter.

These include feeding her sugary foods, and telling her directly that when it comes to her granddaughter there are no rules and ‘she can do whatever she likes, whenever she likes’

Grandmother with child

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Feeling guilty for depriving both her mother and daughter of each other’s company, she turned to her fellow community members for advice, and was met with hundreds of supportive messages.

One wrote, ‘NO ONE gets access to the kids if they don’t respect the parent.’

Another added, ‘As soon as anyone tries to undermine decent parenting rules, it's time to stop access.'

And a third wrote, 'Sugary solid foods at 5 months old? That is beyond bad for your baby. Keep your mother out of your life until she can respect your rules. If that happens to be never, too bad for her.'

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