Vet issues warning about dangers of ‘sweet tasting’ antifreeze

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  • A vet has warned pet owners of the dangers of antifreeze after a cat is left fighting for its life due to drinking the poisonous liquid.

    A cat owner is full of praise for the staff at Medivet, Heswall, as they work to save her beloved pet.

    Liz le Gresley, said she first noticed something was wrong with her cat, Ella, when she began being sick.

    She said, ‘Ella hadn’t been herself at all, and was completely off her food. When she started vomiting we rushed her straight to the vets.’

    It was after examining her that vets at the Wirral vet’s surgery identified what was wrong with Ella.

    A series of blood tests confirmed Ella’s condition was likely to be the result of antifreeze poisoning.

    Now, branch partner and veterinary surgeon, Sharon Williams, has spoken out about the dangers of antifreeze.

    She told the Wirral Globe, ‘The chemicals in antifreeze, screen wash and brake fluid are sweet tasting to animals.

    ‘This is why they’re tempted to lick up any liquid that’s been spilled.

    ‘During the cold weather when people are using antifreeze on their windscreens there’s a far greater risk to pets and wildlife.’

    She advised that these types of liquids should always be stored in a safe, secure place.

    Should there be any spillages they should be cleared up thoroughly and bottles disposed of properly, once finished.

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    Vet warns pet owners of dangers of antifreeze.


    Thankfully the team at Heswall acted quickly to save Ella.

    Though she is still fighting for her life, Liz said she is grateful for every member at the surgery.

    She said, ‘They have been brilliant from the start – showing compassion above and beyond the call of duty.

    ‘They’ve given her a chance to fight – for that we can’t thank them enough.’

    If you suspect your pet has drunk antifreeze you should speak to a vet immediately.

    Time is of the essence.