Baby food: Garden vegetable combo recipe

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This garden vegetable combo baby food is perfect for 6-8 month+ babies, and you can make use of any veg you might have in the bottom of your fridge

Baby food: garden vegetable combo baby food, dark green in a small bowl next to a baby's bottle
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Preparation Time5 mins
Cooking Time5 mins
Cost RangeNot

This garden vegetable combo recipe is great for your baby and easy for you - healthy and delicious, simple to prepare and great for using up leftover veg.

This recipe is good for babies from 6-8 month and upwards, and you can make use of any veg you might have in your fridge box. It's good to vary the colours and textures to get your baby used to different foods. The recipe only takes 10 minutes to make and if you're short on fresh vegetables you can supplement with frozen ones - they're just as healthy. You can make the final texture as thin or as thick as you'd like, depending on what your baby can handle.


  • Frozen green beans
  • Peas
  • Courgettes
  • Thinly sliced potato
  • Chopped carrots




  1. Combine fresh or frozen green beans and peas, courgettes and thinly sliced pieces of potato, and small pieces of chopped carrots.

  2. Add enough water to just cover the vegetables.

  3. Cook until tender, reserving water.

  4. Puree vegetables in blender or food processor,

  5. Adding reserved water from the vegetables until mixture is of the desired consistency.

Top tip for making this garden vegetable combo

This is a great purée to make if your baby is feeling a bit under the weather. There's lots of vitamin C in the courgettes, you can add in some broccoli as well if you like. Peas are good if your little one is a bit constipated. And the beans are a good source of iron which supports the immune system.

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