Candy cane fudge recipe

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Skill: medium
Cost: cheap
Prep: 15 min
Cooking: 15 min
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  • Melt-in-the-mouth fudge is a classic favourite. With the addition of delicious chocolate you will find it hard to resist this festive fudge decorated with crushed candy canes! Arranged in cellophane bags tied with ribbon, it makes a special Christmas gift. Ideal for children to give to teachers or for you to give to work colleagues, family or friends. Served as an afternoon treat with a coffee shared with friends or simply nibbled on throughout the day, this fudge will lend itself to many uses. Once made it can be stored for several weeks in the fridge so why not make a couple of batches?

    Learn how to make our classic vanilla fudge with our simple recipe!


    • 100g butter
    • 4tbsp water
    • 550g caster sugar
    • 2tbsp golden syrup
    • 175ml condensed milk
    • 1tsp vanilla essence
    • 100g dark chocolate, melted
    • Crushed candy canes to decorate


    • Grease 20cm square tin and line the base with baking paper. Place the butter, water and sugar in a heavy-based saucepan. Heat gently stirring until the sugar has dissolved.

    • Add the condensed milk and gently bring to the boil and simmer stirring continuously for approx 10 minutes or until the mixture has reached 118°C(240°F) or the soft ball stage (see tip above).

    • Remove from the heat and stir in the vanilla essence and the melted chocolate. Using a wooden spoon, beat the mixture continuously until it is smooth, creamy and thick enough to leave a trail when the spoon is lifted from the mixture.

    • Pour into the prepared tin and leave to cool. When nearly set, use a sharp knife to score lines in the fudge to make 30 pieces. When completely cold cut into pieces and chill until ready to use. Serve decorated with crushed candy canes.

    Top tip for making Candy cane fudge

    When boiling sugar to make sweets and preserves there are different stages that indicate when the liquid is ready. If you have a sugar thermometer the temperature will indicate when the liquid has reached the correct temperature. For this fudge the soft ball stage is required. Have a cup or bowl of cold water to hand before beginning the process. Place a small amount of the mixture into the water. Use your fingertips to roll the mixture into a ball. If it won’t roll into a ball, continue cooking and try again 1 or 2 minutes later. Remove the pan from the heat while doing the test.

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