Michel Roux's rough puff pastry recipe

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Michel Roux's rough puff pastry recipe is a classic and so easy to make too. This traditional recipe makes perfect rough puff pastry every time

Michel Roux's rough puff pastry recipe
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Cost RangeCheap
Nutrition Per PortionRDA
Calories5420 Kcal271%
Sugar10.5 g12%
Fat417.5 g596%
Saturated Fat261.5 g1308%
Salt14.2 gRow 4 - Cell 2
Protein53.0 g106%
Carbohydrates355.0 g137%
Salt14.2 gRow 7 - Cell 2

Michel Roux's rough puff pastry recipe is a classic and so easy to make too. This traditional recipe makes perfect rough puff pastry every time.

Michel Roux's rough puff pastry recipe is deliciously light, flaky and crunchy. It rises like a dream and tastes scrumptiously rich and buttery, as all excellent puff pastries should.

Puff pastry can be used to make sweet dishes - like Danishes, cinnamon roll twists, croissants - or fruit tarts topped with just about anything (we love strawberries and cream).

Or for more savoury options, think sausage rolls, cheesy pies, salmon en croûte - steak and ale pies - or perhaps a puff pie filled with spinach, ricotta and pine nuts. Our mouths are watering already!

Looking for more inspiration? We've got lots more puff pastry recipes here.

Please note, the nutritional information provided for this recipe is calculated as a whole recipe and not per portion, jar, or person.


  • 500g plain flour
  • 500g very cold butter, cut into small cubes
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 250ml ice-cold water




  1. Put the flour in a mound on the work surface and make a well. Put in the butter and salt and work them together with the fingertips of one hand, gradually drawing the flour into the centre with the other hand.
  2. When the cubes of butter have become small pieces and the dough is grainy, gradually add the iced water and mix until it is all incorporated, but don't overwork the dough. Roll it into a ball, wrap in cling film and refrigerate for 20 minutes.
  3. Flour the work surface and roll out the pastry into a 40 x 20cm rectangle. Fold it into three and give it a quarter-turn. Roll the block of pastry into a 40 x 20cm rectangle as before, and fold it into three again. These are the first 2 turns. Wrap the block in cling film and refrigerate it for 30 minutes.
  4. Give the chilled pastry another 2 turns, rolling and folding as before. This makes a total of 4 turns, and the pastry is now ready. Wrap it in cling film and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes before using.
Top Tip for making Michel Roux's rough puff pastry

Once you have tried making rough puff pastry, you'll probably opt for this easier method every time. Tight-wrapped in cling film, it will keep for 3 days in the fridge, and for at least 4 weeks in the freezer.

Michel Roux Jr.
Michelin-starred celebrity chef

Michel Roux Jr. was born in Kent where he was brought up around cooking. His earliest memories are playing in the kitchens where his father, the famous Albert Roux, worked as a private chef for the Cazelet family. He left school at 16 and worked he was around the Paris restaurant scene learning how to cook his now signature style of classic French food with a modern twist. 

In 1991 Michel took over his father and uncle’s restaurant La Gavroche. It has since been awarded three Michelin stars- the first ever in the UK- and was the first-ever Michelin-starred restaurant to offer a set-price lunch to make fine dining more accessible. Michel is now best known for presenting BBC’s Masterchef: The Professionals and the ‘Great British Food Revival.’ Michel also has a number of best-selling recipe books, including  The French Revolution, which aims to teach you simple yet delicious French recipes from scratch. If you’re looking to impress your friends and family with tasty dishes, sauces, and pastries, try our Michel Roux Jr's recipes.