How to make sausage rolls

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  • Learn how to make sausage rolls from scratch with this easy 3-ingredient recipe. Everybody loves a freshly baked homemade sausage roll fresh from the oven.

    Here’s how to make sausage rolls that taste absolutely delicious. Eat them warm and fresh from the oven for the ultimate treat.

    Perfect for parties, picnics and afternoon snacks, there’s not much that can beat a British sausage roll.

    Homemade sausage rolls can be so much nicer than anything you can buy in the shops because you can be sure that they’re good quality if you buy the best ingredients you can afford. You can use either sausage meat or buy good quality sausages from a butcher or supermarket meat counter.

    For a pastry treat with a twist, try using pork and apple sausages. Or experiment with Italian sausages, venison, beef or even spicy cooking chorizo. They all make delicious sausage rolls. And of course, you can also make a vegetarian friendly version of this recipe with vegetarian sausages.

    Vary the size of the sausage rolls to suit the occasion. Big ones are ideal for family meals, medium-sized are perfect for a picnic and lunch box fillers and bite-sized sausage rolls make for ideal party food – but make extra because everyone will come back for more!

    They’re handy to keep in the freezer, so why not make double quantity and freeze some to bake another day? They can be baked from frozen; just allow 5-10 mins extra cooking time.

    How do you roll a sausage roll?

    Although this might seem like the most difficult bit, it is actually quite simple. Once you have rolled your pastry out in to a square (around 37cm in diameter), cut it in half so you have two rectangles.

    You then want to place the sausage meat down the centre of the longest part of the rectangle. Make sure you don’t put too much sausage meat in at this stage or you will find it difficult to roll them. You want the meat to take up a quarter to a third of the width and not be piled too high – roughly the thickness of one normal sausage.

    Next, place egg wash on the pastry either side of the sausage and roll over one side to meet the other. Press down firmly so that the two sides of pastry stick together – you can do this with a fork or side of a knife to make a decorative pattern.

    Sausage rolls ALAMY

    How to make sausage rolls from scratch?

    If you are making everything from scratch then you need to give yourself plenty of time. We’ve used ready-made shortcrust pastry to make these sausage rolls extra easy but you can make your own pastry, shortcrust or rough puff, if you have more time. ood Director, Elisa, suggests keeping a bowl of ice water handy – especially in hot weather – to cool your hands down. Elisa says “hot pastry makes horrible rolls.”

    Remember if you are making puff pastry from scratch, it can take a while. Our Deputy Food Editor, Rose, likes to use ready made all-butter puff pastry sheets because they have a great texture and it’s easier than making pastry from scratch.

    You can use sausages and remove the skin as we do in our recipe or you can use the equivalent weight of sausage meat. If using plain sausage meat, add extra flavour with chopped herbs such as sage, parsley or oregano for a herby sausage roll, wholegrain mustard, grated cheese such as Cheddar or Stilton, chopped nuts or finely chopped apple.

    It is really important to make sure you have everything you need before you start. Get everything ready so that you can work as quickly as possible with the pastry. You do not want to work with it too much or the gluten in the flour will get over worked. This will make the pastry will become stretchy.

    Once brushed with egg and just before baking, you can sprinkle the pastry with sesame seeds or poppy seeds for an attractive finish. If you want to add decoration and flavour, try our recommendation from Food Director, Elisa: “Sprinkle with Nigella or even cumin seeds for something a bit different.”

    Follow our recipe below for the best sausage rolls.

    Ingredients: How to make sausage rolls

    • 6 good quality pork sausages
    • 500g pack chilled shortcrust pastry
    • 1 large egg, beaten