Silver Cross Clic Stroller Review

The Silver Cross Clic travel stroller folded compactly in a hallway
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‘A sleek and stylish lightweight pram that manoeuvres well, folds extremely easily and can be carried with one hand - even whilst holding your baby.'

Reasons to buy
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    Wide age range

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    Easy-to-use reclining seat

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    One-hand fold

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We asked Floss Guppy to roadtest the lightweight Silver Cross Clic stroller with her eight-week-old daughter Josie to see how it faired as a travel pushchair for a newborn baby. Read our in-depth review to see why it came top in our guide to the best travel strollers.

The Silver Cross Clic has much to recommend it: its one-second, one-hand unfolding mechanism, makes it a great travel stroller and it comes with a handy strap that means you can throw it over your shoulder and carry it (and your baby) when it’s folded up. ‘I could carry the pushchair and my baby at the same time so I could switch between carrying and pushing her,’ said our tester Floss. ‘She is little still, so I usually end up carrying her for a bit.’

Weighing just 6kg, even without the strap, it’s not hard to carry. It’s highly compact too and fits into the overhead locker on an aircraft. ‘It fits in the footwell of the car below my daughter's car seat, freeing up some boot space for all the other stuff Josie travels with,’ Floss added.

While it’s not cheap at over £200, it does last from newborn to four years so, especially if you have several children, you’re likely to get a lot of use out of it. Based on our tester's feedback, we named the Silver Cross Clic our best travel stroller overall in our Buying Guide because of wide age range, compact size, smart looks, and competitive price tag.

The Silver Cross Clic, our choice of the best travel stroller overall

Credit: Silver Cross


Age Range: Newborn to 4 years | Stroller weight: 6kg | Price: £225.00


Thoughtfully designed, the Silver Cross Clic Stroller has several innovative features that you won’t usually find on a travel buggy. ‘The thing I like most about this stroller is that you really can fold it with one hand with a baby in the other and it is then super easy to carry,’ said our tester Floss, who put the Clic through its paces on the London Underground. ‘This means that I can take the pram on the Tube, even when there are steps, as I can fold it up and easily carry both stroller and baby through the station and unfold it easily when I reach my destination.’

When folded, the Silver Cross Clic stroller is extremely compact. Floss described it as ‘hand-luggage size’ and says it's suitable for storing in the overhead locker on a plane. In terms of manoeuvrability, the Silver Cross Clic is also easy to steer. ‘The wheels manoeuvre noticeably more smoothly and in a tighter space compared to cheaper fold up strollers,’ she adds.

Comfort and features

The Silver Cross Clic is marketed as being suitable from birth and, at just eight weeks old, Josie was at a great age to test whether this is the case. ‘I was a bit nervous about the support initially but, when she was in it, I thought it was fine,’ Flozz explains. The stroller comes with a bar surround but Floss decided against using this as the five-point harness seemed sufficient and she found it harder to get her in and out with it attached. ‘[I’ll] probably add on when she is sitting up.'

While Floss found the stroller comfortable to push around, she thought that it wouldn’t suit being off-road. ‘[There’s] not much suspension so I think it would be bumpy. I don't think I'd put Josie in it off-road until she was big enough to sit up as I would worry there would be too much movement,’ she said.

This stroller comes with a reclinable seat, which Floss found especially useful as the mum of a new baby. ‘It is also really easy to adjust the seat from lying back to sitting up,’ she says. There’s also a decent-sized basket that would definitely fit a pack of nappies in, which is my test for shopping! Also, it's easy to access the basket with the seat reclined compared to a pram with a traditional bassinet.’

Value for money

At around £220, this is a pricey travel stroller. But Floss flags that it has longevity and flexibility, as well as some clever innovations. ‘It’s suitable from birth to four years and would make a good family pushchair for days out, rotating between carrying / pushing and walking for children of different ages,' she says. Floss also thinks it's a good buy for someone who is considering primarily carrying their baby, but wants the option of pushing them too, without spending large amounts of money on a traditional bassinet pram or travel system. ‘At £200 plus, it isn't really a budget buy but it would be particularly good for people looking to combine wearing their baby with occasional buggy usage.’

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