SnoozeShade for Cots & Mini Cot Beds review

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GoodtoKnow Verdict

“The SnoozeShade for Cots is easy to use, effective and a life-saver when travelling.”

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Blocks out light

  • +

    Blurs distractions

  • +

    Breathable and scientifically tested

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Fairly expensive

  • -

    Muffles a baby monitor

  • -

    Not suitable for larger cots

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We asked parent reviewer Laura Burkitt, mum to Wolfe, five months, to put the SnoozeShade for Cots & Mini Cot Beds to the test. Read our in-depth review to find out if it’s the best baby sleep aid for you.

The SnoozeShade for Cots & Mini Cot Beds is a breathable blackout shade that fits over your baby’s cot, mini cot bed and larger travel cots that take a 120cm x 60cm mattress. 

It works by blocking out the light to help them sleep peacefully. It’s made of scientifically-tested mesh fabric that allows the air to circulate and blocks out 94% of light. The darkness it creates boosts melatonin and helps babies better connect their sleep cycles by blurring out distractions. Plus, it even offers protection from insects, making it a good item to take on holiday with you. 

“Having skim-read something at 4am saying that darkness boosts melatonin production, aka the magic sleep hormone, I have been on a perpetual mission to banish the light from my kids' rooms,” Laura told us. 

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Star rating:  ⭐⭐⭐⭐| Weighs: 1.1kg | Age: From birth


The SnoozeShade is designed to be easy to use and fuss-free, saving you crucial minutes of faff at bedtime. Laura was impressed by how simple it was to use and liked how you could adjust it to suit your child’s needs. 

“After some light sleep training, we were keen to move Wolfe into his own cot and so the Snoozeshade came at a perfect time,” she says. 

“It arrived in a handy pouch, and although very it is lightweight, it folds open to a large canopy which is incredibly easy to slip over the cot and then tie with velcro to the legs. 

“The fabric isn't completely blackout - 94% - but it's dark enough and the mesh does blur all outside stimuli in the room.

“The top can be zipped open and the panel stored in a handy pocket at one side. This top panel is designed to make it easy to lift your child in and out - however, my child is quite tall, and in the dark, I did sometimes struggle to effortlessly do this. The top looks like it could sag in the middle on a smaller cot.

“Similarly, there are side panels which can be rolled up to let more light in. Even though it has been safety tested and is certified completely air permeable, I did feel more comfortable having these open on warmer nights and so was glad for their design. They also allow you to adjust the light to your liking.” 

Comfort and features

Where Laura was most impressed with the SnoozeShade was when she took it on a trip to see her family. She found that the mesh worked perfectly when she shared a room with Wolfe, enabling her to move around the room without waking him up. 

“The big question - did he sleep better? Yes, it did seem to stretch his sleep in the mornings,” Laura adds. 

“Before he would stir and then get distracted by the room, but the SnoozeShade stops this."

“Where it really came into its own was travelling to see family. The SnoozeShade is so lightweight, we threw it in the suitcase and it fit our travel cot perfectly. Since we were sharing a room, the shade meant it was possible for us to creep into bed later and not wake him up. Plus we didn't have to worry about what the window coverings were in the room and try and construct a makeshift blind - it was so easy to set up and really effective. It also blocks UV rays and acts as a mosquito net for holidays abroad. Music to every mum's ears too - it is machine washable!” 

Value for money 

The SnoozeShade for Cots is not cheap, but Laura found it a “lifesaver” on her trip abroad. 

Considering how much holidays can cost, ensuring both baby and parents get a good night’s sleep can make the trip feel so much more enjoyable and less stressful. 

The positive results the SnoozeShade brings mean it more than pays for itself: extra lie-ins on holiday are priceless. Plus, the rigorous safety testing the product has undergone means it will reassure anxious parents. 

“I have already recommended this to friends for their Christmas trips,” Laura says. “It’s ideal for anyone who likes a fuss-free product which does the job.”

Deborah Cicurel

Deborah Cicurel is a London-based freelance journalist specialising in parenting, reviews, lifestyle, travel, interiors and more.