Zed Vibration Sleep Soother By Rockit review

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GoodTo Verdict

'For babies who sleep well in the car or pram, this is a good sleep aid to help them drift back to sleep in the cot too.'

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Vibrations and night light

  • +

    Ideal for babies who love movement

  • +

    Multiple modes

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Easy to move accidentally as it's so light

  • -

    Children might mistake it for a toy

  • -

    May encourage reliance on movement

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Our parent reviewer Mary Eleini put the Rockit Zed Vibration Sleep Soother to the test with her son Lucian, aged seven months. She found it simple to use and effective at soothing him back to sleep.

The Rockit Zed Vibration Sleep Soother is one of the best baby sleep aids you can buy and helps little ones doze off, thanks to its ability to mimic being in a car. It offers six vibration modes and a night light with three different light levels. 

The Rockit Zed Vibration Sleep Soother is simple to use: it can go on any mattress in a cot or crib, in the pram bassinet, or on a feeding cushion. 

'I think it’s a really great tool to use from birth,' says our tester, Mary. 'The light and vibration multifunction is really helpful.'

vibration sleep soother

Credit: JoJo Maman Bebe


Star rating: ⭐⭐⭐| Weighs: 202g | Age: From birth

If your baby loves being in the car, he or she will almost certainly love the technology in the Zed, which is designed to replicate the feeling of being in a vehicle. The device uses motors that, according to the brand “generate both the low-frequency rumbles of the car suspension and the revving of the engine”. 

It emits gentle vibrations through the mattress and also includes lights and relaxing sounds to help your baby fall asleep. 

Mary found the Zed simple to use and gentler than other sleep aids. 

“I really enjoyed using the Zed soother - it was very easy and straightforward to use,” she says.

“I used it in my son’s cot which is quite big and found that the vibration was super soft as you almost couldn’t feel it on the other side of the mattress. I thought that the red light was really useful as it wasn’t harsh and if I were to go into the room and turn it on, my baby wouldn’t flinch at the brightness, which he usually does with other night lights.” 

Comfort and features 

Mary was impressed by the multiple functions of the Zed, which she found helped her at different stages of Lucian’s daily routine. 

“I appreciated the multi-functionality of the night light, as well as the rhythmic vibrations, which are useful when changing or feeding your baby in the middle of the night,” she adds.  

“I found it helped soothe Lucian back to sleep if he woke up, and that it helped keep him in a deeper sleep. It’s particularly useful at nap times for a baby who is used to movement. I also like that the light switches off itself so there’s no need to go in and switch it off.” 

Zed Vibration Sleep Soother By Rockit, one of the best baby sleep aids

Credit: Rockit

Value for money 

Thanks to its effectiveness at providing a “virtual car ride” from the comfort of Lucian’s own bed - and the fact it offers six vibration modes and three light settings all from one compact device - Mary felt the product offered excellent value for money. She also appreciated the compactness of the Zed, meaning it’s a good option to take on holiday. 

“I think for the multi-functionality and multiple settings, the Zed offers great value for money,” she adds.

“It’s not overly complicated with too many buttons or features so I appreciated the clean and simple design. The  will appeal to someone who appreciates value for money and prioritises functionality and ease of use.”

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