How to make Bertie the Halloween bat

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  • What are those scary eyes shining out in the darkness of the night? They’re Bertie the Halloween bat, of course! Bertie may look scary, but he’s a friendly Halloween bat really and he likes to hang upside down and watch the world go by before flying off to look for lovely lollipop spiders to eat!

    This craft is really easy to make, but the end result is so effective. Just have a root around in your undies drawer for an old black sock and grab the free local paper from the recycling pile and you’re halfway there.

    Age group: Kids from as young as 2 will love stuffing a sock with scrunchy newspaper and, with supervision, stick on googly eyes. Younger kids will need help cutting Bertie’s mouth and the wing shapes and twisting the pipe cleaners, but older kids from 5+ should be able to manage on their own with scissor supervision.

    What you will need

    • One black sock
    • Some scrunched up newspaper
    • 2 black pipe cleaners
    • Red craft foam or card or felt
    • Black craft foam or card or felt (optional)
    • Pair of googly eyes
    • Sellotape
    • PVA glue
    • String