How to make a Halloween bat mobile

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  • Here’s how to turn your old coat hangers into this brilliant Halloween bat mobile.

    Your kids will love making this bat mobile Halloween decoration and what’s more, it’ll hardly cost you a penny. You could hang these flying bats in your child’s bedroom, or outside your front door to spook trick or treaters.

    Just grab an old coat hanger, print out the bats, moon and stars patterns and follow our easy steps to make this fun Halloween decoration. Or create your own shapes and make your own personalised mobile. You could even hang letter shapes from it to spell out your kids’ names.

    How to make a Halloween bat mobile

    Bat mobile craft equipment:

    • 1 coat hanger
    • A4 sheets of black card
    • A4 sheets of metallic card
    • Tracing paper
    • Carbon paper (you can buy this from any good stationers like Ryman)
    • Masking tape
    • Scissors
    • A ruler
    • Cotton thread
    • Clear sticky tape

    Bat mobile templates to print out:

    These are the bat mobile templates you will need to print out to create your Halloween decoration.

    Bat mobile craft instructions:

    1.Print out the bat mobile template shapes above of 3 bats, 2 stars and 1 moon. Place a piece of tracing paper over each of the print outs and tape them down with small pieces of masking tape. Trace around the template outlines using a pencil and don’t forget to include the dotted lines and dots as these will show your child where to fold the shapes later. Your child might need some help with this and you can give them a ruler to help them draw any straight lines.

    2. Place a piece of carbon paper face down onto the piece of card you want to transfer the shape on to. Place the tracing over the top then masking tape it in place.

    3. Trace over the outlines of the shapes with a pencil, on the tracing paper, and don’t forget to trace over the dotted lines and dots, too. Again, use a ruler for any straight lines.

    4. Remove the tracing paper and carbon paper to reveal the transferred image on your card. Do this for the 3 bats, 2 stars and 1 moon. Then cut out your shapes using scissors.

    5.For the stars: Score the stars along the dotted lines, using a ruler and an empty ballpoint pen, then hard-fold and open them up to form three-dimensional stars.

    6. For the moon: Score the moon along the curved dotted central line, then soft-fold gently.

    7.For the bats: Score the bats along the dotted lines, then soft-fold to give shape to the bats’ bodies and wings.

    8. Thread lengths of cotton through the holes marked on the templates and secure the cotton on the underside with clear sticky tape.

    9. Tie the cotton on to a coat hanger to suspend the moon, stars and bats at different levels. Snip off any loose ends.
    Safety tip: Children must always be supervised by an adult when using sharp implements like scissors. Adults should ensure children take care using scissors, and help them suspend the mobile from a suitable location.

    This bat mobile craft is extracted from The Bumper Book of Crafty Activities: 100+ creative ideas for kids, published by Search Press. To order call 01892 510850 or go to

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