Ingenious tea towel table cloth

Wow your friends and family with this impressive craft project - there's no need to tell them how easy it was, we won't say a word! Follow our step-by-step instructions to create it at home

We couldn’t believe we hadn’t thought of this before! Don’t waste pretty tea towels on drying up – try this brilliant idea instead.

You can pick up a multipack of pretty tea towels from most supermarkets now, at bargain prices, so there’s no excuse not to give this a go! If you’re on a tight budget then try local charity shops.

Choose colours and patterns that complement each other in a country-home kind of style and you’ll get a fabulous end result, that looks like it’s straight out of a fancy home wears shop.

Tablecloths can be pretty expensive and we think this is a pretty thrifty, and nifty if we dare say, idea.

When you’re ready to make up your tea towel tablecloth just remember to try and buy, or use, tea towels in a similar fabric to ensure all the seams are the same thickness. Obviously thinner, less bumpy seams are what you should be aiming for so try and find as thin tea towels as possible.

Happy crafting!

You will need

-6-12 tea towels


-Sewing machine


Step 1

Measure your table and work out how many tea towels you’ll need to make the tablecloth. We used nine to cover our table.

Step 2

Take two tea towels and pin them right sides together along the long edge. Add a third tea towel to another long edge and pin together.

Make sure the edges match up. Sew along the pinned lines using a sewing machine to make one panel. Repeat the process until you have enough panels to cover the table– we used three panels in all.

Step 3

Pin two panels right sides together along the long length, ensuring that the joins line up. Sew together, then repeat with the remaining panels. Iron the seams fat on the back and it’s ready.


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