A Wanted Man by Lee Child – review

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  • What’s A Wanted Man about?

    Jack Reacher is back! Distracted from his quest to get to Virginia to be his, Reacher’s night goes from bad to worse as he is picked up by a strange trio while hitchhiking. Is everything as it seems or is Reacher about to get sucked into another mystery that will take all his cunning to escape alive?

    Follow Lee Child’s infamous creation as he battles with the FBI, the CIA and some very dangerous men as he desperately tries to uncover the truth about the unfortunate situation he stumbled into.

    goodtoknow says: It’s the 20th outing for Jack Reacher so we were very excited to see what new challenges he would face. Stoic, unchanging and analytical about every detail, Reacher is a comforting character to get behind and – as we all know – eventually, he’ll always do the right thing.

    Setting the confines of the story initially within one car, across one night really amps up the tension. Reacher is as confused as we are about the situation, which makes the gradual revelations all the more interesting. Who can he trust? What really is going on? We were hooked until the last epic battle for the truth.

    As with all of Lee Child’s books the attention is in the detail. We see the world through Reacher’s very detailed mind so at times this was a little distracting – especially the length to which he described the roads and counties of America. This aside, it was a thoroughly entertaining read and a worthy story for such a well-loved character.

    Rating: 7/10

    Author: Lee Child

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    Publisher: Bantam Press

    Publish Date: Out now

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