Amy Childs asks fans for advice after experiencing post-pregnancy hair loss

'My hair has really started to fall out'

Amy Childs has reached out to fans for advice after realising that she's experiencing post-pregnancy hair loss.

The former The Only Way is Essex star, 27, reached out to her 497k Instagram followers to seek help from fellow mums, after noticing a drastic difference in her hair since welcoming daughter Polly back in April.

'Girls I need some advice, since having Polly my hair has really started to fall out,' she wrote.

'Throughout my pregnancy I couldn't believe how thick my hair was and now that I have had Polly I have started to see a lot of hair loss.

'New mums have told me this is normal! I always take my vitamins but is there anything you could suggest for me?

'Has this happened to anyone else #newmummy #mummy,' she asked in the caption.

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Hundreds of fans have left comments for Amy with messages of support and advice, empathising that many of them had been through similar experiences after welcoming their children.

'It's just your hormones, they'll get back on correct levels soon,' one explained. 'It may take a while. It's completely normal.'

'Yeah Hun happened to me and it gets worse with each pregnancy...' another agreed 'it does grow back though x try massaging coconut oil in to the roots at night.'

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'Yup. It happened to me after my son was born last year. It's called postnatal shedding. I cut my hair shorter to cover it up and to avoid having it in a ponytail which only causes further hair loss,' a third advised, followed by a fourth who said: 'I had the exact same thing, gorgeous thick locks and then 4 months after birth there was hair everywhere!

'I totally crapped myself thinking i was going to be bald....i actually didnt. Its just a delayed shedding process as you dont shed whilst pregnant. It is scary, but normal 😃. I still have a wonderful head of hair.'

According to the NHS, around 50% of new mums lose more hair than usual after they've given birth. During pregnancy, the increased levels of estrogen in your body prolong the growing stage, and hair loss after pregnancy is generally just a result of these level returning to normal.

It usually takes around six to 12 months for the shedding to stop, but once it does, most women find that their hair returns to its typical pre-pregnancy thickness.


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