Bargain beauty secrets of the stars

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  • Looking like an A-list celebrity may be a lot cheaper than you think. We reveal their high street beauty bargains they can't live without.

    Think looking like an A-list celebrity means spending lots of money on pricey hair cuts, new teeth and a bathroom full of posh beauty products? Not if these bargain beauty secrets of the stars are anything to go by…

    Looking like Victoria Beckham, Cheryl Cole, Holly Willoughby or even Meghan Markle doesn’t have to mean spending a small fortune on a Hollywood make-up bag full of potions and lotions. Nope, lots of our favourite celebs swear by natural or cheap beauty products that you can pick up for a few pounds from your local chemist or supermarket.

    The bargain beauty secrets of the stars are out – and we’ve got them all right here, from the £2.99 nail polish Christina Aguilera loves to the moisturiser that Kylie can’t live without.