The average person takes 1 minute and 44 seconds to solve this tricky brainteaser - how quick can you be?

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In the average time it takes people to spot these five things, 136 holidays will be booked in the UK. Can you beat the clock?

As lockdown (opens in new tab) begins to lift and we find ourselves moving towards (a new) normality again, leaving home for anything longer than a 30-minute trip to the supermarket might seem strange.

From staycations (opens in new tab) to drizzly day trips to the Great British seaside (opens in new tab), the country is gradually starting to get out and about again. Some people have even decided to take advantage of the government's easing of travel restrictions (opens in new tab), and are heading off somewhere sunnier.

But are we making sure our homes are left as safe as possible before we go?

This summer brainteaser is challenging us to do just that. Created by boiler comparison site Homesage, the teaser aims to educate people on some lesser known summer heating issues that can arise in your house.

Can you spot the five heating issues the homeowners should have addressed before locking up and leaving home?

In the average time it takes people to spot these have issues, 136 people in the UK will have booked a summer holiday. (Remarkably, that's only 1 minute and 44 seconds.)

Challenge yourself to beat the clock below!

Can you find the five heating issues in this house?

Credit: HomeSage

"Jan and Den own the home below, and have gone down to the beach to enjoy a G&T or two, but all hell has broken loose at home! Can you spot the 5 heating related issues in their house?

On average it takes people 1 minute and 44 seconds to solve the brainteaser. In that time 136 summer holidays will be booked in the UK! Can you help spot them before Jan and Den get back home?"

Scroll down to reveal the answers!

Whether you think you might have managed to solve it, or are just totally stumped, scroll down to reveal the answers.

Credit: HomeSage

Hidden in the house are some everyday issues that can prove disastrous for your heating. Did you spot the blocked-up chimney, the leaky radiator, the two broken pipes and the boiler that is just about ready to blow?

Did you manage to spot all the problems in this brain teaser? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook!

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