Celebrity teeth: before and after veneers and whitening

Which celebrities have had their teeth done? We've taken a look at the pictures and found before and after photos of the celebs who've had their teeth done - from Cheryl Cole's teeth to Judy Murray's teeth and more!

Judy Murray's teeth before and after
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How often do you look up to a celebrity and think they were born with a dazzling celebrity smile? One look at our celebrity teeth: before and after veneers and whitening and you'll notice that's certainly not the case and even celebrities have dental issues too!

One perk of being famous is you can usually afford high-end dental work and don't have to wait long to fix wisdom tooth pain. We're talking veneers, professional whitening - the lot. After all, who wants to be caught on camera with a crooked grin?

But, if you're not famous and can't get to a dentist during the pandemic, there are ways you can protect your teeth during lockdown. 

Most of our favourite stars have had more than a little helping hand to get those gleaming, white celebrity teeth. So, as tempted as you may be to try and re-create your favourite celebrity smile, some natural teeth whitening remedies are safe to try, while other DIY whitening remedies could damage your teeth.

Celebrities such as George Clooney, Tom Cruise and even Kylie Minogue have all undergone a smile makeover - be it teeth whitening, veneers or dental work - and we've got the pictures to prove it.

Once you've seen these celebrity teeth: before and after, you won't believe the difference a little dental work can have. Get brushing those teeth!

Celebrity teeth: before and after veneers and whitening

Judy Murray's teeth

Andy Murray's mum had a new set of pearly whites fitted just before appearing on the BBC's Strictly Come Dancing back in 2014. And Judy's celebrity teeth are as bright as Andy's tennis whites!

On her new gnashers, Judy told Radio Times, "Getting my teeth done was a big thing for me because I?m really terrified of the dentist and I desperately needed a lot of work. In the past couple of years, though, I've had more time and money and I've started to take better care of my appearance."


Judy Murray flashes her teeth at the tennis

Judy Murray's teeth before (Credit: Getty)


Judy Murray smiles for the camera

Judy Murray's teeth after (Credit: Getty)

Victoria Beckham's teeth

Victoria Beckham may have given her teeth the ultimate whitening makeover since her days in the Spice Girls, but the fashion designer is well-known for rarely flashing her celebrity teeth in public.

But, it's something she's working on as Victoria, 46 - who recently confessed she doesn't have many friends - continues to let her guard down with her adoring fans.

“The not smiling publicly, for instance. There's less of that now," she recently confessed. “There's something really liberating about embracing who I am at 45 years old and owning it, feeling confident, feeling content."


Victoria Beckham during her Spice Girls days

Victoria Beckham's teeth before (Credit: Getty)


Victoria Beckham makes a speech in front of a crowd

Victoria Beckham's teeth after (Credit: Getty)

Philip Schofield's teeth

It's safe to say This Morning star, Philip Schofield - who recently revealed he was in the "darkest place" after coming out as gay - looked pretty different when he made his television debut in the eighties.

Back then, Philip sported brown hair and a dodgy smile. But, with his career sky-rocketing, Philip soon had his teeth sorted and now sports a brighter-than-bright set which almost match his hair.


Philip Schofield smiles for the camera

Philip Schofield's teeth before (Credit: Getty)


Philip Schofield at the ITV Palooza

Philip Schofield's teeth after (Credit: Getty)

Tom Cruise's teeth

Tom is another A-lister to have given his celebrity teeth a makeover. The Top Gun star now has a picture-perfect Hollywood smile - and don't we love to see it!


Tom Cruise poses with a friend on the red carpet

Tom Cruise's teeth before (Credit: Getty)


Tom Cruise poses for photographers

Tom Cruise's teeth after (Credit: Getty)

Ronan Keating's teeth

The Boyzone star - who recently opened up about co-parenting - was once a fresh-faced pop star with average teeth. But, the singer promptly got his teeth transformed into a dazzling white set before he rose to fame in the early 90s.


Ronan Keating in his younger days

Ronan Keating's teeth before (Credit: Getty)


Ronan Keating smiles for the camera

Ronan Keating's teeth after (Credit: Getty)

Kylie Minogue's teeth

Everyone knows Kylie Minogue's got amazing celebrity teeth, but it hasn't always been that way. The pint-sized pop princess - who recently found love with Paul Solomons - always had straight teeth, but she's made sure her gnashers have stayed bright white since she started on Neighbours all that time ago.


Kylie Minogue in her younger days

Kylie Minogue's teeth before (Credit: Getty)


Kylie Minogue on the red carpet

Kylie Minogue's teeth after (Credit: Getty)

Geri Horner's teeth

Geri Halliwell, now Horner, is another Spice Girl to transform her smile from goofy to gorgeous. Geri's celebrity teeth: before and after transformation means she now sports brilliant white and perfectly formed teeth.


Geri Horner during the early Spice Girls days

Geri Horner's teeth before (Credit: Getty)


Geri Horner smiles for the camera on the red carpet

Geri Horner's teeth after (Credit: Getty)

Cher Lloyd's teeth

One of the most shocking celebrity teeth before and after transformations is Cher Lloyd, who is certainly looking more polished with her new gnashers.

The 20-year-old star, who shot to fame after appearing on the seventh series of the UK X Factor, has been busy making it big in America, and it seems she's had a set of all-American pearly white veneers to complete her transformation.

Cher - who recently opened up about her secret family heartache - has previously spoken about how much she disliked her teeth, once telling Alan Carr, "I hate them, I look like a complete and utter rabbit."


Cher Lloyd smiles for the camera

Cher Lloyd's teeth before (Credit: Getty)


Cher Lloyd performs on stage

Cher Lloyd's teeth after (Credit: Getty)

Kate Beckinsale's teeth

Brit beauty Kate Beckinsale hasn't always had the perfect Hollywood smile. Not that you'd think it now, but back in her younger days the actress - who was admitted to hospital with a ruptured ovarian cyst recently - had a much more girl-next door set of teeth!


Kate Beckinsale in her younger days

Kate Beckinsale's teeth before (Credit: Getty)


Kate Beckinsale poses on the red carpet

Kate Beckinsale's teeth after (Credit: Getty)

Tulisa's teeth

A stint on the X Factor clearly spurred N-Dubz singer, Tulisa, into action when she got a set of £12k veneers fitted just before the show. What a transformation!


Tulisa poses on the red carpet

Tulisa's teeth (Credit: Getty)


Tulisa smiles for the camera

Tulisa's teeth after (Credit: Getty)

Simon Cowell's teeth

Same hair, same tan but one crucial difference, Simon Cowell's teeth are at least 20 shades whiter since his meteoric rise to fame.

The X Factor star - who is in talks with Netflix for a whole host of new TV shows - also had new veneers fitted last year. The father-of-one wanted "more streamlined and thinner" veneers, after breaking his back. 


Simon Cowell during his younger days

Simon Cowell's teeth before (Credit: Getty)


Simon Cowell poses on the red carpet

Simon Cowell's teeth after (Credit: Getty)

George Clooney's teeth

Yep that's right, even George "gorgeous" Clooney wasn't born with perfect teeth. The Hollywood A-lister's celebrity teeth: before and after transformation includes the whole lot - veneers and a heavy dose of whitening.